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  • Hi IM using 2.7 and version 2.5.2 of the leaguemanager plugin. I had used the latest one but nothing would display correctly with this version so i referred to the older one. I have got my tables displaying ok but no matches will show up. they are listed on the database ok but dont appear on the admin panel or on the posts when i use the necessary tags. When i used the new version, i had added league tables etc but when i used the tags my posts wouldnt finish displaying on the main page, they just froze when loading as if a php error had occured.

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  • I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time to support older versions, also because I have made major changes to the plugin in Version 2.6. I have just released Version 2.6.1 with some bugfixes.

    what php version do you have? Also a dump of the database structure would be helpful.

    I just discovered that there was an upgrade bug in 2.6 (also in 2.6.1). I fixed this in 2.6.2. Hope it works

    i upgraded to the new version and still the exact same problems with no fixtures appearing and no tables being shown in the posts. overview of all my leagues show the league as having 15 matches but these arent displayed anywhere.

    Same problems for me after updating (WP ver. 2.63)

    My leaguemanager also breaks now that I have updated.

    I try inserting
    [leaguestandings league_id=3 mode=extend]
    and the page will stop loading at that point.

    On initial inspection, there are a lot of fields missing from the database tables. Adding these, still hasnt fixed the problems but it did get rid of all the errors when i turned on debugging.

    I completely removed the plugin and the database tables and added it again. The backend works alot better and the matches showed fine, but the front end doesnt work at all. If i include the plugin in a post or a page, the entire page gets past loading the website header and then thats it.

    It should be fixed in 2.6.3. Somehow there was a bug that one upgrade process was not called and so several database fields were missing.

    is it just the database part that has been fixed or all of it?

    what other part do you mean? I also had the problem on one site that no teams and matches were displayed after upgrading, neither on the admin panel nor on the frontpage. Then i discovered that the following two MySQL queries were not called during the upgrade process.

    $wpdb->query( “ALTER TABLE {$wpdb->leaguemanager_matches} ADDpost_idint( 11 ) NOT NULL” );

    $wpdb->query( “ALTER TABLE {$wpdb->leaguemanager_teams} ADDpoints_plusint( 11 ) NOT NULL, ADDpoints_minusint( 11 ) NOT NULL, ADDpoints2_plusint( 11 ) NOT NULL, ADDpoints2_minusint( 11 ) NOT NULL, ADDdone_matchesint( 11 ) NOT NULL, ADDwon_matchesint( 11 ) NOT NULL, ADDdraw_matchesint( 11 ) NOT NULL, ADDlost_matchesint( 11 ) NOT NULL” );

    Now they should be called. Otherwise just post the above code in the functions.php of your theme and reload any admin page. Afterwards it should work.

    i upgraded and the pages still do not work. the admin panel seems fine but its the front end that should be showing the league tables that doesnt work.

    And there is no error message? You could try something. Download version 2.6.2 und only upload the folder view into the plugin folder

    The same happens to my update. A fatal error occurs when you try to display anything in a post or page.

    Also when you add a team or match, the entry’s are duplicated.

    I have updated to 2.6.3 and nothing loads. When I use the admin page it lists all the leagues and numbers, but when I go to a specific league it displays nothing at all.

    It is likely that i screwed up version 2.6.3 and alread had some new MySQL Queries included. I hope i got it right now with 2.6.4 (originating from 2.6.3 with only the database upgrade). Further I turned on mysql errors. I have also fixed the team logo issue.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)
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