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  • I’ve been running league manager ok with the last few months but since the last update I’ve had a few issues with updating results.
    When I add a new match and update the scores, clicking on the update button updates a lot of the mathes and changes the home or away team (or both). I have a situation where the league has 13 teams, all playing each other once but some of the teams have 19 or 20 games played because the update has changed mutliple matches to have the same team. It appears to be happening at random. Is anyone else getting the problem.

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  • I am having this problem, I have had to stop using the plugin at the moment because it is corrupting all my data.

    I have the same problem 🙁
    Please help!

    Yes, I’m also getting this bug. Thought I was going mad and re-entered the entire match schedule before realizing it was the score updates that was doing it. This is a great plugin if not for this.

    I also have this issue.

    I thought that maybe it’s something to do with sorting the teams by league position rather than alphabetically in the combo-box e.g. when setting up a new match. I’m sure I changed an option somewhere to sort this way but I can’t find where.

    This issue renders Leaguemanager useless at the moment 🙁


    I have the same problem.

    In function UpdateResults in leaguemanager/admin/admin.php
    we have line 933:
    if ( !$matches && $league->mode = ‘championchip’ ) {

    Variable test in PHP is “==” not “=”
    If you’re league mode is not championchip, championchip function is executed.

    This line must be:
    if ( !$matches && $league->mode == ‘championchip’ ) {

    I can’t test it for now but I think this solve the problem.

    (sorry for my bad english)

    I’ll give that a whirl, thanks MaLaM.


    That seems to have done the trick, fingers crossed! I look forward to updating this week’s results.

    Many thanks again MaLam.


    I will fix this in the next version

    I have the same problem, made the change and nothing happened. Do I need to re-do my match stats?

    What it looks like happened is the team ID changed to the rank. i.e. if team 5 is in first place, they are now referred to as team 1. That changed all of the planned matches to be based the ranking numbers instead of the team ID.


    Version 3.4-RC2 | WordPress 2.8.4

    Oh, and its for Rugby if that makes a difference.

    Can anyone confirm this is a fix?

    plugin author fixed this.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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