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  • Hi Robert,

    I’d like to use Leaflet to let people create posts that reference a map produced using Google Maps API (here’s the web page with the map that I want to comment on).

    I realize that I can switch Leaflet to use the Google basemap, but I also want the Leaflet widgets to display the extra tiles configured by my Javascript (the layers are actually produced by Fusion Tables). The docs say that no commercial support is provided by the Leaflet author, so I don’t mind going to the WP paid forums to find a developer. But that would probably make further upgrades to Leaflet difficult, so I wanted to check first if you are interested in including this functionality into Leaflet if it exists (and if you are happy with the implementation). The generic solution is probably hard, but I can configure my page to display a small version that’s fully defined by the URL parameters, and seems like including this into an iframe on a Leaflet-enabled page might do the trick.


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  • Plugin Author RobertHarm


    Hi Simon,
    sounds like an interesting feature although I am not quote sure how many users might also look for this kind of customization. Other features seem to be more wanted for me now. But generally speaking: the plugin heavily depends on leaflet.js so I will try my best to be compatibel also with next versions released by cloudmade. Nethertheless if your feature can be packed into a package which extends my plugin, it might again be interesting. After all the plugins source code is on github, so everyone can try to find new and excoting features or extensions and if they fit into the future plans for the plugin, I’d be glad to commit those changes…

    If you add a weather layer to the plugin it will be great

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    @dannymoe34: take a look at this post – weather layer is not something I can add, but you can search for WMS layers showing the weather…

    This plugin sounds great !!

    1. I would you like to view maps based on Map Icons Collection in separate page.

    2. I want control content Popup text. For example for some address I would like to keep only address and for some I would like to add image and descriptions.

    Please help me in this.

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    @send4kumar: I dont understand your first point.
    Ad second point: as I understand your question, this shouldnt be a problem – popups can already now be used that way.

    PS: it would be great if you could vote for the plugin on!

    Thank you Robert for quick response.

    1. For. Example : I added few marks in of shopping mall address and select Map Icons Collection related to shopping Mall. I want to display only shopping Mall icon in map in a new page.

    2.What ever I add. It display in Map and below to map as list. I would like to add few more fields in it and it should not display in Map.

    Also need search functionality.

    I hope it is make sense. Else I will mail you

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    ad 1) I would create a layer for each icon – this could solve your issue
    ad 2) popuptext is always displayed on marker; since 2.6 you can select which marker attributes to show in the marker list. more fields are not supported yet – but feel free to make a fork on github 😉

    Thank you.
    search functionality.

    Ad1 : Please let me know I can get it.

    Ad2 : I am looking to make a site similar to

    Plugin Author RobertHarm


    search: currently available in backend only – frontend not yet planned

    ad 1) layer maps can be created by each user woth
    the current version

    ad 2) nice theme – some elements could be done with my plugin, some would require individual programming…

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