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  • This was the problem I fixed back in the day with 0.9.5 – try to upload a folder with an apostrophe (single quote) in its name – lazyest-gallery then displays

    “WARNING: Unable to access to the Gallery Folder.

    Check your”

    My test names were:

    I haven’t tried other potentially valid characters yet – my hope is that the solution to this would take care of the issue more globally.

    Btw, the dot after settings and no space looks weird too – is that a formatting bug?


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  • I’ll fix the apostrophe bug rightaway.
    OTOH why would you want to have apostrophes in folder or file names?
    Btw, the period without a space is a formatting bug

    Hi Artem,
    I have sent you an email countaining an updated version.

    See test at

    Marcel, RE: why would I want to have apostrophes: consider this name – “Foo’s Birthday” :-]

    I’ll test as soon as I can and report back.

    Er, just create a folder called foosbirthday (or whatever name) and set the caption to “Foo’s Birthday”. The caption can be displayed instead of the directory name and you don’t have to deal with those ugly %27 in your url. 😀

    Wouldn’t it rather be better to not think about if you can name a directory one way or another and instead get the bug fixed, rather than have the users think of workarounds like this and get the perception of “buggy” software? Any valid name that the filesystem allows should be parsed correctly.

    BTW, lazyest, you’re not Marcel, are you?

    macbrink & lazyest is one.
    I didn’t propose it as a workaround but as a way of work to prevent awkward urls. As you know, I tackled the issue immediately

    The fix worked great, as I wrote in my email. Thanks for the quick response!



    Just to share – if you are using FB Share — the thumbnail for the FB share post will not appear if your folder has spaces, easy solution is to keep the folder name with no funny characters (specified using <link rel=”image_src” type=”image/jpeg” href=”…”>)

    Your table style on line 280 of lazyest.css breaks all other th and td by not fully specifying the class id for each.

    @rlance: You are absolutely right. I’ll fix it immediately.

    This also is not exactly on-topic, but close: how can I persuade the flash-uploader to show all the images in my local folder regardless of capitalization of the file-type suffix? Lame windoze users send me with .jpg and .JPG.

    And, I notice the uploaded images are dated as of uploading. It might be better to use the image’s date? Or give the opotion.

    Lazyest Gallery 1.1 will get an extra plugin to read date from image file.
    please post new items for other questions as this item is resolved.`

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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