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  • Plugin Contributor David Wood


    Glad to hear that you like the plugin! There are several different ways to get the terms from custom taxonomies and they all have there uses. I used get_terms() ( and probably need to refine the way I have it setup. You could also use wp_list_categories() or get_categories(). I may be missing some but those are all ways to get a list of the custom taxonomy terms. They all take an array of arguments in which you can specify your taxonomy.

    As for how I have mine displaying, I ended up writing some custom code for that. Although it may be mostly possible using built-in functionality, but I will probably be revisiting that in my plugin in the near future.

    If you have any other questions let me know! The codex articles on these functions are fairly self explanatory as long as you know some PHP.

    not sure this is 100% on topic but i’d like to add / inquire -> How can your plugin do it via WP Multisite Network ..??.. that is -> how can you get terms / custom post types from sub-sites on the network to show on other network sites ..??.. e.g., if sub-site-B has custom post type xyz, how can primary site show said xyz post type from sub-site-B on the primary network site ..??.. or for that matter, how can sub-site-C show custom post type xyz from sub-site-B ..??..

    regardless, kudos to you and others like you with WP sensibilities et al. :>) cs

    Plugin Contributor David Wood


    I am not 100% sure how you would get the posts/custom posts from another blog on multisite just yet, but the next thing on my list to add into this plugin is multisite capabilities.

    Hi David – thanks for loop back and here is hoping your todo lists hits 110% in said depts :>) … seriously, i’m not sure how to loop into WP DB at sub site on network level either but share some data points i think i read along the way as fyi in hopes they might help …

    a) using sub-site RSS into primary site = bad given extra load on server … not sure about iframes but recall reading something about using switch_to_blog() as best method to get sub-site info from one site to other on network ..??..

    b) reading this Smashing Mag article ->

    which has link to slideshare by Otto and Nacin ->

    and i believe in slide 23 -> 27 there are clues to multisite success ..??..

    accordingly, best of ongoing success and to be continued … cordially, chuck scott

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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