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  • I again released one more version of my plugin today. The version information updated fine on the directory but the Last Updated timestamp is still old. My plugin didn’t appear on the Recently Updated plugins list either.

    I am losing opportunity to introduce my plugin to lot of users because of this. Please fix this issue or let me know some work around so that correct Updated timestamp gets reflected on the directory.

    Also, I had updated the README.txt file in the latest version but the directory is not been updated with new content. I had added important FAQ and changelog information, but I don’t see those sections updated in the directory.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    If the version number didn’t change, then it won’t notice that sort of thing. I manually forced it for you.

    Thank you Otto. Updated timestamp for my plugin was stuck on original release date of version 1.1.0. I have updated the plugin 4 times after that but it didn’t notice any of those changes.

    Thanks anyways. Hope this issue gets fixed before I release next version of my plugin.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Okay, looked through your changes. You definitely did it wrong. first you updated the stable tag, then you tagged the new version, then you added to the readme, then you updated the screenshots…

    The *only* time it ever parses the readme again and rebuilds the display of the plugin is for the one change where the stable tag updates. Until you change the stable tag again, nothing you do matters.

    Make all the other changes first. Changing the stable tag is the absolute last thing you do. That is what triggers the “release”. That is what makes it reparse your readme and rebuild the entry in the directory. Anything you do later doesn’t count, until the version updates again.

    Ideally, the right way to do it is to keep your latest version in trunk, make all your changes to that, until you’re happy with it, then a) svn copy trunk to the appropriate tag directory, and b) update the stable tag to point to that new directory. If you’re good, you can do that in one checkin. If not, then do the stable tag change as the last thing you do.

    Ok. I get it now. Thanks for the explanation. This really helps.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Well, actually, I oversimplified that a little bit.

    To be entirely correct, the only time the readme gets parsed and the entry gets rebuilt is when the version of the plugin changes. However, for people using tags, this generally happens after they make the new tag and update the Stable Tag.

    When there’s a non-trunk stable tag, everything else is read from the tag directory.

    I’m facing the same issue again, this time even worse. I released version 2.5.2 of my plugin awesome-flickr-gallery-plugin about 45 minutes ago but it is not updated on the directory. Directory still shows 2.5.2. I haven’t received update notification either on my wordpress installation.

    Scratch my last comment. Figured out that I had not updated the version tag in my index.php.

    Otto…I wonder if I can get some assistance here. I did not do things exactly as you said, but in theory, I think my format should work (or at least I would like it to work).

    Here’s what I did with regard to my plugin ( :

    1) After finding a bug, I created a branch and labelled it “RB-1.0.1” and intended to use this to complete my bug fix in order to produce a quick fix. I did this because I had previously branched “RB-1.1” in preparation for my next big feature release.
    2) After branching “RB-1.0.1”, the first thing I did was update the readme.txt with a new stable tag and the version information in the header information of the main plugin file. I did this first so I would not forget to do it when I released it.
    3) I made all of the changes and did my testing and committed the changes to the “RB-1.0.1” branch folder.
    4) Finally, I tagged the “1.0.1” release from my branch.

    I thought this would work, but my release is not showing up. It’s been about an hour at this point. Note that the trunk contains the same contents as my “1.0” release as I’ve simply branched from that point in order to not corrupt the trunk. I’ve yet to merge the “1.0.1” release back to the branch…not sure if that would have any bearing on this issue or not.

    I totally get that I did not do as you suggested earlier, but shouldn’t something like this work? I obviously would not have done it in this order had I not seen this first, but it seems odd to me that the release would not be based purely on what’s in the tags folder. It seems to defeat the purpose of having things laid out this way.

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Hi Otto (et al),

    I have no idea why, but for some reason the .org plugin page won’t update with our latest stable tag. Can you give t a manual bump? (and perhaps explain where we went wrong so we don’t cause this again). It should be pointing to the 2.0 tag, but currently seems to point to 1.6.5.


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