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  • It seems to be not working, but I am sure that is more my ignorens then the plugin. Did not seems that hard, but nothing is clickable, so I am at a loss.
    Maybe someone can explain it in SIMPLE English with no techno babel.

    I actually have an extra blank space on the right of my blog create for a very long link dropdown menu. So if the background of that part w-180px h-xxpx would have been clickable, has options for nice backgrounds which even could rotate.

    Well maybe later, hope some one out there can help.

    Regards, Ron

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  • Plugin Author KwarK



    Sorry for the delay.

    a light exemple here on normal and network 3.1.x

    have you add the light but necessary php code in your theme ?

    <?php kw_advert_main(); ?>

    When a zone (top left right) is enable, the plugin add a transparent but clickable zone and this zone become clickable and the zone support some langages. Upload a special promote or partner background is necessary.

    But if you use some flash script for a banner or from a partner in a zone (top left right in the admin), it’s the same problem for an embed script for a video. In this context, the flash code stay automatically at the “frontend” on the others elements and cover the a link target. In this context, a personnal flash code (made clickable) is necessary.

    thanks for your plugin: I wanted to know how to insert a link to an image that does not use flash. I read that I enter the code <? Php kw_advert_main ();?> In some pages of the theme I’m using.
    Where should I put the code? (index.php or home.php)
    In which position of page i must to insert the code?
    What does “Define conferring height”? what value to put?
    To “Define link target” _blank do I put?
    where i enter the link target?
    sorry but am new to using this plugin

    Thanks for the reply
    C. Scandaglia

    Plugin Author KwarK



    Sorry for the delay Scandaglia

    Somme test is necessary to put the code in your theme (in index, your promote is clickable for all navigation page. If you choose “home.php” the promote is only clickable on home page).

    You can put the code where you want (bottom or top) in single.php, in home.php or in index.php (copy/past this code in several of these files if you want). If you use the top clickable zone, put the php code at the ideal zone for the top zone.

    The width attribute is necessary (this option define the invisible “div clickable”). If you leave this blank, the background made not clickable, the width for the invisible “div clickable” element argued 0 by defaut. I add this option to fit width clickable zone to the theme).

    By defaut, the height of this element take a “max auto” value. If you don’t define the height attribut, it does not matter.

    For the link target for your partner, you put this in the admin zone
    > Appaerence > Define link target. Left part and right part “invisible div but clickable” can take different link value (and top also)

    The flash zone support also the script if is necessary (Google ads, etc…)

    Plugin Author KwarK


    trick : support also [shortcode] from other “ads gestion plugins” ^^

    Plugin Author KwarK


    <?php if (function_exists('kw_advert_main')) { kw_advert_main(); } ?>

    with this function, if you disable the plugin, your theme made not a bug

    hello Kwark….

    added the
    <?php if (function_exists('kw_advert_main')) { kw_advert_main(); } ?>
    plugin activated
    zones enable
    background uploaded

    but with Wp331 + gabfire theme it s not working

    is it the 1.02 compatible?



    To “Define link target” _blank how can i do?

    thank you for your plugin 🙂

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