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  • I have recently launched my first plugin “Kush Micro News” in a hope to change the world(kidding), here is a short description of it. It would be awesome if you can give it a try and provide me valuable feedback(suggestions too).

    I am going add new features as time passes but first i want to know is it worthy enough to put my time and effort ?

    Plugin URL :

    You can also search “Kush Micro News” through search bar.

    Spread the news in shortest possible way. Use links to refer subjective data and title to concise it, a short excerpt of that news will be added with it to let user know what that news is about.

    Don’t you hate it when you want to publish something new that you have recently heard or read somewhere and you don’t have enough time to write about the same topic again? When you can complete your news in a single sentence then why to write the whole page without any sense ?

    For this, “Kush Micro News” comes to rescue. You just have to put title, little description of 1-2 lines and a reference link. Thats it!

    All this data will not be published as posts in your wordpress because of which Google will not point you out for incomplete/less content on pages. A separate table will be created while installing plugin which stores all your wordpress micro news. Advised to add in sidebar or small block, because thats how it is styled in css. No separate page will be created of micro news you are going to post, to avoid unnecessary cluttering of content.

    Updates Coming soon !

    How much better can a plugin be ? Wait there is more :

    • You can add new news from your wordpress panel with easy GUI interface.
      Edit/Delete old news if you have messed up something.
    • It is already styled with cool rainbow colors(am not kidding).
    • Can be installed anywhere, but looks good in sidebar.
    • Comes with widget, can be placed where you like.
    • Developed and maintained by a single guy, so be kind while reporting bugs. Thats it!
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