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    I somehow managed to dig these errors while testing Knews Multilingual Newsletter 1.0.2 on my multisite setup, plugin activated on one site, not sitewide:

    Changing newsletter main image gives an error pop-up: Error: Check the directory permissions for ‘/wp-content/uploads’. /uploads is 755, and the uploaded images are found at /blogs.dir/.. Server runs PHP-cgi.

    Dragging and dropping doesn’t work in newsletter editor. Also, I couldn’t get it to send a mail, saving blank fields for SMTP User & PW always populates the fields again with my login credentials! Testmail works, BEFORE saving. I’m using WP-Mail-SMTP, no sendmail/postfix.

    Am I doing something wrong or could this all be my server configuration?

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  • Ok, drag and drop doesn’t work in Chrome, Firefox does the thing. Changing images doesn’t work in neither of them. I always have the latest browser versions.

    Subscribing via widget sends mail, but, confirm page’s modal window with the message is hidden behind Twenty Elevens main image.

    Submitting a newsletter works now. It just started..
    At my Gmail, clicking ‘If you can’t read this email click here’ -link redirects me fine to /wp-content/plugins/knews/direct/knews_read_email.php?id=1

    Now, here’s the same link again above the header. Clicking it goes to /wp-content/plugins/knews/direct/%cant_read_href%, which is a Bad Request.

    I just installed yesterday and It seems to work. I uploaded 250 email address and the wysiyug editor looked fine but now the editor is “Shrunk” and you I can’t drag and drop.
    Eccola I am far from an expert but I think the % in your file path are are spaces.

    Plugin Author creverter


    @eccola-www: there are some bugs, lets comment separately:

    1) Change image bug: there is a Knews bug in multisite WordPress: in the next big release will be works (1.1.x)

    Max and Eccola:
    2) Drag and drop doesn’t work: Are you use Macintosh? We are tested WYSIWYG Editor and found a bug in Chrome for macintosh. Next version (1.0.3) will fix it, this come soon.

    3) SMTP fields population: This is normal. When you put your credentials and save, Knews remember it and re-populate the fields always, we hide the password, obviously. If you test ANOTHER configuration, by clicking “Test SMTP Config”, the data is not saved. If the submit works with the new values, and you get your test email in your inbox, then, click the save button on the bottom of the page, and the new values will be saved. This is the best way we are found to configure and reconfigure submit SMTP, but we are listen suggestions about other methods.

    4) Knews SMTP Submits and another SMTP submit plugins: Knews can call wp_mail() or submit emails trough itself SMTP class. Probably the two methods works fine, because your WP-Mail-SMTP plugin catch all the wp_mail() calls and then submit the emails trough SMTP. For major security, configure Knews as SMTP, Knews works with this values, no calls the wp_mail(), no catch wp_mail(), and all another e-mails sent from WordPress (like password remember, contact forms, etc) will works trough your WP-Mail-SMTP plugin (or another).

    5) Modal message under twenty elevens main image: this is a small bug, will fix it in next release (1.0.3)

    6) Cant read link: If you send the newsletter trough “Send the newsletter manually” option, the cant read and unubscribe links doesnt works. This is a bug too, and will be corrected in the nearest release

    In summary: all will be fixed soon, except the multisite bug, that requires a major release.

    What is a “Multisite” ?
    I’ve tested on Macbook with Firefox !2 and have the same small window and no drag and drop issue. It worked before I auto updated WP. Could that be a problem?
    Carles; Thanks for you fast response! I love your plugin wish I can get it to work. Let me know if I can help beta test on Mac.

    Plugin Author creverter


    @max: “Multisite” is a WordPress working with more than one blog into the same files and database, the old WordPress MU, now are integrated into regular WordPress. Your problem (crashing JavaScript editor) is related with no posts in WP, only pages, and will be solved in the next release (1.0.3). We are in contact for future Mac testings.

    This is an amazing plugin and your immediate support saved me alot of heart ache! I will make a Paypal donation and hope others will too.
    If you ever get to the Virgin Islands I have a frozen drink with a little umbrella waiting 340boxing

    Plugin Author creverter


    Thanks for your donation, Max!!!

    I only wish it could be more. It’s a great plugin and I know you put a lot of effort into it!

    Hello, thank you for your answers, creverter!
    I can run more tests when you release new versions. I’m on Win7, I also have an iMac here. Maybe I could make some newsletter layouts too?
    Knews is going to be the number one newsletter tool around!
    Waiting for updates, I mark this topic as resolved.

    Plugin Author creverter


    Max: Thank you very much!

    Eccola: Please, email us at:, and we will send to you a patch in a few days, in order to test the multisite bug… only if you want, off course. Thanks!

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