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[Resolved] [Plugin: KK I Like It] Favorite/lile post with category

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  • Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak


    Future like that ([Widget] Your liked (only for registered users)) will be added in next version of plugin (1.3 maybe 1.4).

    Thank you!

    I have a Advice:
    In widget that view the list of “favorite post”, you can insert a select space box (as to This topic is -> not resolved).

    Because when the people have more preference… 100… is very problematic see all in the widget.

    Then a error with different tipe of post:

    I have this plugin : Custom Content Type Manager
    And i have created different section of post.
    example: Anime section, Episode section.
    But when i take like a post in “Anime section”, in widget i see other post selected , a post in ” Episode section”.
    This a strange effect.

    I consider is good implementation if you can insert Tipe of post like .
    ex : Anime section or Episode section.

    Thank for your work, i dont see a good plugin for Favorite post!

    Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak



    Widgets works OK … their function is to collect all data.
    But I will try to add an option that will display data only for specific Custom Content Type.

    Thank you for your feedback!

    I wanted to ask if the problem of selecting “the post type” has been activated on the latest version or it is yet to be implemented in future version?

    because the problem is not fix in 1.3 : I select a post (eg 140), and in widget I see other post (eg 143).

    Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak


    Hello yukiko-kawa,
    This new feature will be added to widgets in version 1.4

    ok, thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak


    Update available.
    After the update, please let me know if functionality meets your expectations.

    System show yes or no for guest is ok.

    System for single custom post, no.
    The problem it isn’t fix.

    if you whan’t sign on my site for view where is the problem..


    Remember, I use the plugin : “Custom Content Type Manage”

    Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak


    OK … Can you try use function to add button to your site? I try fix the issue.

    you say button for guest? ( I have set ON it)
    What other can do for help you?

    It is possible give a number of view in the User widget? or created a page for the list. for new version.

    Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak


    no no … you can set option “Button position:” on “Own position”.

    After that put function kkLikeButton() to files on your template.

    1. How to add a button inside a loop WP LOOP in a random place ?

    In addition to that you can display the number of likes in a random place of a loop. You can do it by adding code listed below:

    You can display anywhere in the loop, the number likes of a certain content. You can do this by adding code:

    It is possible give a number of view in the User widget? or created a page for the list. for new version.

    Yes, in next versions this futures will be added.

    Sorry, I m not good to use template and code php. ^^”

    But I do a new page with short code.
    I have set favourite for all (guest and user), and I have insert the two wiget in the bar.


    I hope that this can help you.
    Also,if you want give me a list of the word, I created a italian language pack 🙂


    Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak


    New version of plugin is available. Can you check your web site?

    The problem with custom post is resolved

    Thanks you ^^!!!!!

    Plugin Author Krzysztof Furtak


    No problem 😉

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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