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    I am sorry, but in my rush to get this code out, I left in a few lines of debug code that was used on my test site. It broke the plugin. I should have tested on some other sites.

    The 1.1 release fixed that, but I apologize to the 50 people who downloaded the 1.0 version.


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  • Hi,

    I tried to use the shortcode, which appears nicely in my post, I enter the requested info, returns success message, and… wait… wait… wait – it basically does not send anything. No error messages to refer to unfortunately. Is there any way to solve this issue? Any settings I may have missed?

    Btw, is it possible to call the plugin somehow in a template file as well?

    Thanks in advance!

    Plugin Author kpgraham


    If it returns a success message then it worked. You should receive a message from kindle that the conversion worked and the page is ready for your kindle.

    If you did not use the correct Kindle ID and the correct Authorized kindle email, then will ignore you and you will not receive anything.

    Sync your kindle and see what happens.

    For adding the form to a template, try adding

    <?php echo kpg_get_kindle_form(); ?>

    This should put the form on the page. Test it with valid id and email and let me know if it works.

    Note: this will break the template if you uninstall the plugin so you should wrap it in an

    if (function_exists(“kpg_get_kindle_form”)) {} statement.


    Dear Keith,

    Thank you for the info – and the plugin of course 🙂

    I got it working, promting further questions: I edited the text on the admin side, but when sending the post, it retains the original sample text. Plus it sends out an html file to the email address from which the post is sent (the “good” email), and it seems the triggered sending uses different encoding for the title of the post and the body – the title is messed up (Hungarian with diacritics… I know) while the body of the text is okay: both parts use the same utf-8 tables.

    I really appreciate your effort to help me out with this – it’s a plugin I have been waiting for, that is why I am so keen on getting everything right. (One more question – I’m a php newbie: what exctly goes in the “if function exists” code?)

    Thank you again!

    Plugin Author kpgraham


    Try this for theme development:

    if (function_exists(“kpg_get_kindle_form”)) {
    echo kpg_get_kindle_form();

    You still have to have the plugin installed. You still have to have a wp_footer on the page because that’s where the javascript part lives.

    I take the title of the page from the html document.title value using javascript. I am not grabbing it from the database. I am gong to encode the title and hopefully it will not be scrambled.

    You might try “Saving” the options on the options page. I will verify that the text is saved correctly.

    I will wait a little before releasing version 2.1, so if you want to test it before then, let me know and I will email you the zip.


    Plugin Author kpgraham


    I released version 2.1

    I found several bugs in addition to those mentioned.

    The title is now escaped and I hope that this will solve the Hungarian utf-8 issue. If the title on the webpage displays correctly in the browser, I think that the title will display correctly in the message, and the ebook, now.

    The templates work as advertised now. There was an issue in that I had a spelling mistake and things were not being saved.

    The javascript is now static and loaded in the header. I hate loading more crap in the header, but it might make for faster loads. Also, a significant number of problems were traced to themes that did not perform a wp_footer() anywhere in the theme.

    I could not wait to release this, and I am sorry that everyone has to upgrade so soon.

    Wow, that was fast – thank you. Everything you mention is great – except for the title of posts, which gets scrambled up still 🙁

    I didn’t see this before and started a fresh thread, but it is probably best here.

    I have tried the widget and shortcode of ‘Kindle This’ and it brings up the message:

    setting data, back from ajax:done, Document sent to kindle

    I’m not receiving anything.

    I have my email address on the kindle, do I just put in the first part of this in the Kindle email address and the full email in the approved email?

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