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  • There is a big drive by WordPress when it comes to plugins to keep them up to date, not use old plugins that haven’t been updated for a while and so on.

    This is a very sensible approach but in some ways it doesn’t go far enough.

    I have users of my plugin still using a version that was released over a year ago – it has bugs in it and features that are no longer needed or supported. I’ve tried to let people know through the support channels I have and I’ve even made one of the servers which it interacted with return a message about upgrading when calls are made to the obsoleted process. I know that several of these installs have been throwing errors for over 6 months so the people are obviously not looking at their settings, nor are they taking any notice of their updated plugins notifications.

    What I would love to be able to do is basically turn those old versions of the plug-in off.

    So if there was an option in the readme to put in a “Replaces” field which basically indicates that installed versions at the “Replace” version and below should be automatically de-activated (not deleted) in WordPress then it would really help.

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  • esmi


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    Isn’t that perhaps taking things a little too far? I understand your frustration with people using older versions of plugins but actively interfering with their sites by “killing” the older versions seems to be over-stepping the boundaries of user support and moving into site takeovers.

    Unfortunately, there has to come a point when developers have to step back and pass the responsibility of proper site maintenance over to the site owners themselves. Whether they do this correctly is really beyond out remit as developers.

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