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    I installed keycaptcha, and it was pretty nice, but didn’t support the Sign up page for the default buddypress theme. I emailed keycaptcha support, and the next day they responded saying they would have support for it in 2 days, and sure enough, they did.

    I’m sure its a coincidence that it only took 3 days, but it was a nice experience for a change. Usually support requests for things (not keycaptcha, but in general) take forever. And the plugin works well.

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  • dunno why let such misleading descriptions for a plugin on its site.
    It is not free, it is not even has a free version of this commercial adware service:

    The plugin is free, though – yes?

    Plugin is free but service (w/o which it has no sense) is not

    Then, in theory, it complies with the Plugin Repository’s criteria. But if you feel that the plugin’s description is misleading, please feel free to email and I’m sure someone will look into it.

    I didn’t mean plugin, I mean description of it
    It is incorrectly described as “free service” while it is not

    It has been unpublished for a while but then restored w/o any corrections

    Plugin Author KeyCAPTCHA


    Hello Esmi,

    We have added the info on Free KeyCAPTCHA at:

    It is 4th option. This option (checkbox “Enable advertisement” with description, and functionality of free KeyCAPTCHA without ads) was added on August 08. But the info on this option at were added just today. Our fault. Sorry for this.

    Best regards,
    KeyCAPTCHA Team

    you can use any other captcha in your page though .

    Plugin Author KeyCAPTCHA


    masiniambalare, your comment doesn’t contain any sense. Everybody can do it at any time without your comments.

    Best regards,
    KeyCAPTCHA Team

    According to KeyCAPTCHA’s “Misleading documentation”,
    the descriptions of KeyCAPTCHA in Plugin Directory :

    • as “free” service
    • and

    • “We pay for your protection”

    are completely wrong and misleading!

    Plugin Author KeyCAPTCHA


    Dear Visitors,

    The person spreading a slander and a lie regarding the KeyCAPTCHA Service uses different nicknames on different web resources.
    He thinks up his new slander and lie from time to time.

    You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted).

    This person extorted money from our employee. And he had been caught by the police when he was taking the money.
    This person alleges that he had been our employee. But it is the lie.
    We are not going to conceal that he assisted us in supporting our twitter account.
    But after the numerous reprimands regarding the quality of his messages on our twitter, we had fulfilled all our obligations to this person and renounced his assistance.
    But he has never been an employee of our company.
    We just had a verbal agreement with this person.

    Here are a couple of facts regarding his slander:
    The Twitter support team had blocked his 3 accounts of his slander and lie on the KeyCAPTCHA Service right after our request and his 2 accounts without our requests. support team has blocked his 2 accounts of the same lie.

    We would appreciate if you send us URLs of pages with his slander and without this reply.
    To do it please, use

    We are not going to reply to his future messages on this website. It is not our goal.
    We just wanted to publish the facts regarding this person.

    Please be careful when reading information from this person.

    Our service and company are absolutely legal.

    Here are the variants of using KeyCAPTCHA:

    1. You earn money by using KeyCAPTCHA. In this case, we pay you for ads in KeyCAPTCHA on your website.
    2. You pay us for personal CAPTCHAs. In this case, you can use your own images to create your own CAPTCHAs (containing your or third-party advertisement or without any ads) which will be displayed on your websites.
    3. Combination of 1 and 2.
    4. Free KeyCAPTCHA. In this case, you don’t earn money, and you don’t pay us. If you choose this way, we will display our standard CAPTCHAs (without any ads) on your websites.

    We appreciate your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience,
    KeyCAPTCHA Team

    I’m not sure about the definition of spam but the text of previous post is being published in hundreds of places in internet irrespectively of the issues or topics being discussed

    My answer to it:

    Reply To: How to get rid of the “Hello world! Welcome to WordPress…” message?

    You can find it out by googling “KeyCAPTCHA is under attack” (quoted)

    This is an interesting way to slander and simultaneously to dump inconvenient discussions from SERP (Search Engine Results).

    For example, well searched by keyword “keycaptcha” this thread in is now, after KeyCAPTCHA’s spam injection, completely wiped out from google search results

    Or. this discussion of KeyCAPTCHA, in, previously in top of search results by keyword “keycaptcha” now completely disappeared (not being searched anymore).

    First, the topics are wiped by bot-assisted injection of hundreds of identical texts, then the whole sites will be blacklisted by search engines for letting spammers to spam

    What is administration waiting for?
    for be blacklisted by search engines?

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Catch33: Your behavior here is unacceptable. Please stop questioning what “we” are waiting for. We’ll make our own judgment calls, thanks. All you have to do is to point out a possible problem, in the right place. This is not the right place. The right place would have been to email and then drop it. We’ll take whatever action we feel is required.

    Secondly, I can’t figure out what the problem with this plugin is. Yeah, okay, maybe they’re spamming a standard response all over the place, but the plugin itself seems fine. “Serviceware” plugins are allowed, even for pay services.

    As long as the plugin code itself is free and GPL-compatible, then the fact that it requires a service, even a non-free one, is acceptable. As long as the service is doing something of substance, which in this case it appears to be.

    If you have issue with their marketing or their wording in the plugin description, then perhaps that can be addressed directly. However, the fact that the plugin uses a pay service is not outside our guidelines and not grounds for removing the plugin from the directory.

    thanks for your response because its persistent absence of latter that causes my unacceptable behavior.

    It was addressed to many times without any response for a very long time

    Have I been answered I would not start writing it publicly

    I can’t figure out what the problem with this plugin is

    Where did I write about plugin?
    I wrote about intentional and persistently misleading descriptions of KeyCAPTCHA’s service. And BTW I already addressed/answered/pointed out to this misinterpretation of my words before in this thread more than once already.

    My behavior is unacceptable but KeyCAPTCHA’s one is a row of crimes by laws of any countries.

    It is crime by laws of any country to publicly and massively distribute:

    “This person extorted money from our employee”

    against an easily identifiable person before and without court’s, or any official authority’s, decision.
    NB: Police that are catching people is not authority that can either make such decisions or distribute info about them publicly, only to pass their evidences preserving confidentiality for making decisions and judgments by authorities.

    It is crime by laws of any countries to provide intentionally incorrect description of an online service or make omissions in its descriptions that can lead its customers to misunderstand it

    Let me also stress the difference of KeyCAPTCHA’s behavior with mine:

    • My information and claims are not aimed against a person but against an entity, here service description.
      There is legally and ethically a big difference to discuss entities, even a company, and concrete easily identifiable person providing personal data (or information permitting to easily identify him) about him
    • I never write anything without supporting my information by references and easily verifiable facts
    • I do it inside the context of this discussion and KeyCAPTCHA’s description of KeyCAPTCHA’s service published in plugin directory

    And it is not only KeyCAPTCHA’s or my problem as provides the media for such KeyCAPTCHA’s, hmmm, “behaviors”

    Plugin Author KeyCAPTCHA


    Hello Otto,

    First of all thank you for your reply.

    The reason of our standard response is that this person has been aggressing our service since May 2011. And he always used and uses different nicknames for his attacks, lie, slander and abuse reports.

    So, we don’t see any sense to reply him because he always changes his slander or/and his nicknames during each discussion.
    At the same time we should inform visitors on some facts regarding this person because his attacks, lie, slander and abuse reports are misleading the visitors.

    An additional fact:
    This person made a lot of fraudulent votes at one official CMS website where we published our plugin. A result: our plugin was blocked on that website. Blocking of our plugin has been going on for over four months.

    Our opinion is that this person does not create, he only destroys.

    We will not object if you delete all our messages on this page. But in this case, please delete all messages of Catch33 whose real name is Gennady.

    Best regards,
    KeyCAPTCHA Team

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