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[Plugin: Kazooky Loyalty] Promotional visit frequency

  • This is a pretty easy loyalty rewards system to use and it was set up in its basic form without any problem. I have one small question at this time. Can I assign a visit frequency to the webpage promotion I set? I know I can decide the rewards level I give to a promotion but I would like to ensure they can only collect these rewards once per day and not multiple times per day?


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  • Plugin Author kazooky


    Absolutely you can assign a frequency to number of times you reward your users.

    Go to Your Engagement Console – https://console.kazookyloyalty.com and click on the Web Page Promotions section. When you Add A New promotion, or edit an existing one, look for the “Frequency or Awarding Points” area.

    In here set the promotion to either award once only or multiple times with a delay between each time. To this, select “Award Multiple Times Per User” and enter a value into the text entry box. This value is the number of units of time that must pass before the user can be rewarded again. Then set the unit value in the drop down menu.

    For example, you could set the frequency to be once every 3 days. You would set 3 in the text entry box and days as the unit of time.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to contact us anytime.

    Hello, i just install the plugin and test it. I’m able to signup using the top sticky button, but i’m unable to login, nothing popup when I click the Login button.

    I not sure is my plugin or theme cause the problem.

    Also it is nice if the button have offset or left/right position.


    Plugin Author kazooky


    I will need to take a look at your website to see what the issue is. What is the URL of the website?

    Regarding the left / right position, this can be set in Your Engagement Console in Settings / Look and Feel. You can also select the colour of the buttons and any text you might want to add.

    Feel free to email support@kazooky.com anytime.

    hello kazooky, i have identified two plugins in my site that conflict with the login script. One is Simplemodal login; http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simplemodal-login/

    Another one is premium version fb auto connect; of http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-fb-autoconnect/

    hope this help, thanks

    Plugin Author kazooky


    Hi Specex – thanks for the great feedback.

    We will take a look at these plugins and see where the conflict might be.

    Are all of the plugins installed on your site? If so, would you be able to tell me what the URL of your site is?


    hello kazooky, my site is under development, geosumer.com, is not publicly accessible until end of this month. thanks

    Kazooky – i LOVE the idea of this plugin, but it seems to shut off all my images when it is activated.

    Was this an identified bug? Are you still supporting this plugin?


    Plugin Author kazooky


    Hi Akiba,

    We’re happy you like the idea of our plugin. We are indeed supporting it.

    We have run into some conflicts from time to time on different WordPress sites and their plugins. What is the URL of our site and we can take a look and see what the conflicts might be?

    If your other plugins are using jquery is this is usually a source of this conflict.


    The Kazooky Team

    They are. You nailed it. THe page has a jquery slider and when I activate Kazooky, all the other sliders on the page shut down.

    I will load it up for you and leave it as such for 24 hours so you can see the ‘conflict’ version.


    WE LOVE the way your plugin works and it IS the hottest plugin we’ve tested in terms of the visual stimulation.

    I will be turning off the kazooky at 10PM PST Wednesday (just fyi…as we are readying for our early tests) I only say this to give a time reference for all involved.

    thanks and again…..PLUGIN ROCKS!


    It may not be readily obvious what is missing. Beneath the top slider there are a set of three links. Those are pop up sliders. There is usually a picture set there that shifts and reveals info.

    also, at the bottom of the page is the ‘New Shows’. There are usually similar pop ups there, but the whole segment is gone.

    So, I just wanted ot clarify so you knew what was missing versus what is there now.


    Plugin Author kazooky



    We took a look at your site but the tool bar was not currently installed. What might work best if we mutually determine a time to look at it.

    We will send an email to the address you signed up with and work out a time to do some further investigation.


    The Kazooky Team

    That’s SO funny…..I JUST took it down for two seconds (…). It’s back up now. Apologies


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