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    Looking at the source for your test page it looks like the plugin is falling back to swfobject to embed the player. This won’t work as this tries to embed the flash player which obviously won’t work with flash disabled.

    The fact that it is falling back to swfobject suggest to me that the jwplayer.js file is not located in the correct place. Please ensure that it is located at wp-content/uploads/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress/player/jwplayer.js.




    Thank you for your answer.
    I verified that the jwplayer.js file is in the right place. It is. You can check it by visiting the link

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    This is odd.

    When running in flash mode it is grabbing the player from the correct path and the plugin uses the same path to get jwplayer.js. Since the file is accessible the only other thing that could cause the fallback to swfobject is if the plugin thinks the current version of the player isn’t the right one. If you go to the custom player page in the admin section, what version of the player does the plugin list?




    Your assumption that the plugin thinks the version of the player is not the right one seems to be correct.
    In the admin section, the player version is listed as “unknown”.

    To investigate this issue further, I installed a new wordpress site with a new jwplayer plugin in the folder v1_3_2.

    Surprise ! The player version is listed as “current player : JW Player 5.4.1530”.

    A quick check showed that a post with a progressive video download now works in the folder as expected as HTML5 with the Safari and Chrome browsers.

    I was quite sure to have done serious tests in the past and I looked what were the differences between this new installation and
    the preceding installations. The main difference was that I used now a laptop with Vista running with Flash enabled browsers, wheras the
    other installations have been done on a laptop running Windows 7 with Flash disabled browsers.

    I went back to the Windows7 laptop and was able to reproduce the same failing test results as described at the beginning. To validate the results, I used also a Desktop PC running Windows7 with Flash enabled browsers. Same negative result.

    My findings today are :

    If WordPress is installed in a folder one level up to the root directory on an hosted server using a PC running Windows7, the installation of the JW Player Plugin 1.3.2. fails, because
    the player version is listed as unknown, even if the player is reinstalled.

    I compared all the files in the different folders on the server without detecting a anormaly.

    I think the problem is related to the path management in WordPress. I will continue my investigations. In the mean time, I know the workaround : Vista.

    I may have a similar problem. The Flash player mode is quite okay but it won’t switch to HTML5 mode (i tried by deactivating flash in firefox, then I refreshed the page). I have a licensed version (5.8), and the jwplayer.js is in the right folder. The plugin page in wordpress seems to see the right version (5.8 licensed).

    HTML5 doesn’t work, instead i have a black rectangle with a white play icon. When I click the icon, it sends me to the first file of my playlist (a mp3 file, played by the default Quicktime player)

    I work with a Mac and my host is 1&1.

    Have you got an idea of what’s going on?

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    Sorry for the delay, I just got back from vacation and didn’t have Internet access.

    I’ve taken a look at your site and noticed a couple of things.

    1) MP3’s are unfortunately not supported by Firefox in HTML5 mode due to licensing. Firefox only supports .ogg or .wav files in HTML5 mode. This is why it’s trying to use the QuickTime plugin to play it once you click on it. This is also why the playlist no longer shows up in your widget.

    2) As for the small black box I believe this is being caused by the width=100% being used. The JW Embedder is converting this to 100px. If you set an absolute width ( I think 250px in this case) it should display correctly.

    If you have any other questions just let me know.


    Are you sayin that i can stream standard wav files? It’s not a problem on my side but would it induce stutter or artifacts in audio for visitors with a slow connection? Anyway I’m gonna try that and get back at you to tell you if it works or not.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Yeah, I’d be interested to hear how it works for you. I admit .wav files are less than ideal for Internet streaming. .ogg files would be better as they are compressed like .mp3 files.

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