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  • Hi.

    My question is how does fallback work with the plugin?

    I have 4 different file types for the fallback:

    1. mp4
    2. webm
    3. flv
    4. ogv

    If my original file is mp4 (using the embed html5 opton from media/gallery) how do I create the fallback?

    I see there is an option “HTML5 file” where I assume I can put the url to the next fallback file?

    I’m unsure how to make sure the plugin falls back to these 4 file types?

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Plugin Author JW Player



    Unfortunately the plugin currently only supports setting a primary and a single fallback. However, if you set an mp4 and a webm you should be able to cover just about everything.


    Hi, what about different files for different resolutions..

    i think thats the next step for self hosted video like this, how do i deliver a file intended for a 320width screen… to a 320w screen

    youtube does this, they have like 9 different files, 3 file formats, 9 different resolutions.. or something about like that.

    while im here i might as well just ask, how can i make the plugin “responsive”

    what about HD, id like to make all the formats HD but have a non hd fall back. ?
    how ever my hd question comes to be, could you point me to the installing the HD plugin on top of the regular wp plugin? is this actually a wp plugin or is it different than install a wp plugin?

    Plugin Author JW Player



    If you want to deliver multiple resolutions or bitrates you’ll likely need something more advanced than the WordPress plugin. You can use a service like the one we provide called Bits on the Run. It handles transcoding to different bitrates and automatically delivers the appropriate one.

    The HD plugin is a JW Player plugin, not a WordPress plugin. In this case you need to provide both files and the plugin provides a button for the user to click to switch between HD and SD. The HD plugin can be activated while editing your custom player.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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