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  • The link to the download file doesn’t really help much. I need to the link to your form so I can try it.

    Usually the problem you are describing is that EBD has “learned” something wrong (in other words it stored some settings in the database and you’ve changed things and it doesn’t know it, it keeps using the old settings, and things don’t work). Generally, the best thing to do is to start completely over and NOT use a PDF file. You want to get it working first using a .jpg file, then once you have it working, you can try a pdf.

    So, I really need to see and try your form, but probably what I’m going to tell you to do is:

    1. make a new page in wordpress
    2. find a .jpg file on your system and make a copy of it and give that copy a new filename that you have never used before. Make it something simple with no punctuation in it. Something like “cdefgh.jpg”.
    3. go to the Downloads link in your main WP menu (Downloads is Download Monitor)
      add the file to Download Monitor and get the ID# for the file. Also, note that in the top-right area of the screen there will be a URL (this is when viewing the detail page of the download you just uploaded). Take that URL and paste it into a browser & make sure it goes to your file and that it downloads correctly. That confirms that Download Monitor is working and that your file is accessible to the world (the world won’t have that URL of course, but we know that if you can get to that file using that URL then that part of the set up should work).
    4. go into Contact Form 7 and make a new form. Make sure the form has a your-email field in it (see the EBD screenshots page). If you don’t have a field named your-email, then it ain’t gonna work.
    5. Make a new shortcode. The shortcode should use the NEW download_id from the .jpg file that you just uploaded. And, it should use the NEW contact_form_id from the contact form you just created in CF7. It is critical that these IDs are NEW, that you have never used them before, and that you don’t accidentally use one of the old IDs in any way.
      Put that new shortcode into the wordpress page you just made (the new page that I had you create in the first step).
    6. Go into your EBD settings and make sure you are set to “both” (not inline or email).
      Do not customize any of the template settings or anything like that in EBD.
      Leave it set to not masked hidden (though if it doesn’t work, you should flip this settings and test again).
    7. Save EBD settings (if needed).
    8. Exit your web browser completely
    9. Restart your web browser.
    10. Test your form.
    11. Mainly, you want the inline link to work. Email may or may not work correctly .. sometimes that requires extra work.
    12. Post the URL to the test form into this ticket if things don’t work (and do not change any of the settings from what I’ve described).
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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