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  • This would be a great feature to have, been looking at the code and can’t seem to find anything on displaying ALL custom fields. Looks like you need to pass a value manually to grab the content of a custom field.

    I will try and see if there is any other way, but my php coding is very limited!

    It’s not too elegant, but I had a similar issue and came up with the following solution.

    In json-api.php, add the following right below the plugin info section:

    if (!isset($_GET['custom_fields'])) {
        $_GET['custom_fields'] = 'customfield1,customfield2,customfield3';

    Renaming the customfields with your field names, of course.

    This should make the plugin think that it’s being passed that query string on every load.

    Hi, a few days ago i installed your plugin ( Custom Options ), after that i activeded. The next day that i started my computer, and i am going to choose WordPress, he doesnt anything. My website says its ” under construction ” but when i am going to the dashboard of WordPress i can’t
    find your plugin, and other plugins can’t be deactiveded. Nothing works.
    This for me a big problem. I hope you can and will help me with this.
    How can i delete your plugin, on a way that WordPress works normal again.

    With kind regards,

    P. Koerts ( from The Netherlands )

    Hi DDonald,

    For next time, could you please avoid asking questions related to a specific plugin in a post about another plugin.

    Now if you wish to uninstall a plugin and you for any reason can’t do so from the administration, you can simply delete the folder in the wp-content/plugins folder, which will force the deactivation of the plugin.

    That being said, Custom Options merely save options to the options table, it seems extremely unlikely that it broke your website. I suggest looking into something else for identifying the problem.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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