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  • Plugin Author Takanudo


    Unfortunately, Facebook no longer allows non-expiring tokens. Make sure you have the latest version of the plugin. Then, on the settings page for the plugin, set “Renew Token” to a more frequent time, like “Once Hourly”. Then click “Save Changes”. Your token should be renewed after an hour.

    I am also getting the same error on the site, I had already applied “Once Hourly” in the settings before, and the site was working well from many days, but now i am getting the same error today.

    when i again go to plugin setting page and click on save changes button with the same settings. It redirect to facebook site. and shows the error mentioned below :

    An error occurred with WordPress. Please try again later.

    Can you please tell me the quick solution as it is not looking good on the site…

    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author Takanudo


    Is “WordPress” the name of your Facebook App? Also, is Facebook displaying any error code or error description with the error you mentioned above?

    I am not sure about it…I just gave these things below under the settings page of plugin.

    Facebook ID

    App ID

    App Secret

    Plugin Author Takanudo


    Well, usually when Facebook displays an error it has to do with your Facebook App. I’m assuming you named your Facebook App “WordPress”. Can you go to and tell me what you have listed under “Site Domain” and “Site URL” on the Facebook App named “WordPress”. Also, let me know the address of your WordPress site where the plugin is located.

    Hi Takanudo, thanks so much for your support on this issue.

    The address of the WordPress site is

    The address of the page I want to display on the WordPress site is

    I am an admin of that page.

    I’m not sure how the page is an app, or how to get it to be an app. I did make an app at one point and somehow I associated it with the page; the app id for that is 104390318150 and the site URL is and the site domain is, but it was a very confusing process and I forget how I did it.

    Maybe I should delete the app I made and start over, but I’m a bit nervous that if I delete the app, I’ll delete the page.

    If I do this, are there step by step instructions for re-connecting the FB page to my WP site?

    Again, I know you do this for free and I appreciate your time.

    Plugin Author Takanudo


    I think we are getting our wires crossed.

    Empireoflight, did you try the suggestion I made in my first reply about setting “Renew Token” on the settings page for the plugin to a more frequent time, like “Once Hourly”, and then clicking “Save Changes”?

    Yes I did, but that didn’t fix the problem.

    I should mention, the name of the app is Joyce Hill Studio and the name of the page is also Joyce Hill Studio

    Plugin Author Takanudo


    Empireoflight, are you getting the same Facebook error message that huzefa086 mentioned in his first post?

    I just changed it again (to once daily) and it works. The first time I changed it to once hourly, I must not have had the right credentials in place. Thanks for your help.

    I appreciated your help Takanudo, I have created a new app, then saved changes to renew token, and it worked for me..The plugin is working now…

    Hi I am having the same problem but cannot find where you need to change “token renew once daily”.
    It does not appear on my facebook.
    I am looking under:
    Apps-> Settings-> Advanced-> Security->
    I renewed it but it does not seem to update on the wordpress site.

    Plugin Author Takanudo


    I removed the renew functionality from the plugin in version 1.5. It never worked very well. Now the plugin sends an email to the WordPress administrator account notifying you when your token is about to expire.

    To renew your token, just click “Save Changes” on the settings page for the plugin. If you are getting a token that is expired or expires in about a day, then I would recommend creating a new Facebook App for the plugin.

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