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  • One additional note: everything was working fine until I upgraded from WordPress 3.4 to 3.4.1. After the upgrade is the first time I began observing this problem.

    Yet another note: The problem only occurs with Tabs. Accordions work fine. When the post refreshes to display the formatted tabs, the browser “freezes” for a few seconds and then the page goes blank.

    Update: I have discovered the browser only goes blank when navigating to and attempting to display the post itself. If the post is being displayed with other posts on the posts page, it displays and operates just fine.

    I have a simpler demonstration of this problem on my personal website: Navigate to the posts page by selecting Blog from the main menu or click here. Scroll down to the third post: Test of jQuery UI Tabs in WordPress v3.4.1. You will notice everything displays and operates as it should. Click on the post (or click here) to display the post by itself, and you will see the post display for a few seconds and within seconds of the tabs being formatted (incorrectly I might add) the browser page goes blank.

    URGENT!!! Please help. I have multiple posts on my ministry website that use tabs and will not display correctly because of this bug.

    Plugin Author David Gwyer


    After looking at both your sites I don’t think it is anything to do with the jQuery UI Widgets Plugin.

    It looks like another Plugin conflict, I am seeing some pop-ups when the window goes blank. Disable all other Plugins and try again.

    This Plugin has been tested on a fresh install of WP (using the default theme) with this Plugin active and the tabs and accordion works fine.

    You are correct. There is a conflict with the following plugin:

    “Google Analytics for WordPress” version 4.2.5 by Yoost de Valk

    When the Google Analytics plugin is deactivated, the jQuery UI Widgets Tabs work as expected. When the Google Analytics plugin is activated, Tabs cease to function properly and result in a blank screen as identified in prior posts. Accordions seem to work fine, apparently, only Tabs are affected.

    What now?

    Plugin Author David Gwyer


    I can only help with replicable issues with the ‘jQuery UI Widgets’ Plugin.

    If there are continuing issues with both Plugins working together then you may have to choose to use one or the other.

    Does that mean you are unable to replicate the problem with the other plugin installed or that you have no interest pursuing this issue since it involves a conflict with another plugin?

    I need both plugins.

    In order for your plugin to function properly (under normal circumstances) you write code to the site header. So does the Google Analytics plugin. It is obvious there is a conflict between the two. Which plugin is at fault? I do not know. I am hoping you would be interested in pursuing this just in case the solution lies with your plugin.

    I will post the same bug report for the Google Analytics plugin and hopefully, between you both, a solution will be forthcoming.

    Thanks. You have done an amazing job with your plugin.

    Plugin Author David Gwyer


    I haven’t used Yoast’s GA Plugin before, I’m sure it is a great Plugin.

    As the jQuery UI Widgets Plugin is completely free I’m afraid I just don’t have the time to go looking into every Plugin conflict.

    If it is a replicable problem I can look into it when I have time.

    David,I posted a bug report in the Google Analytics for WordPress bug tracking system as promised. I also did some searching for other plugins which provide the functionality offered by the Google Analytics for WordPress (4.2.5) plugin by Joost de Valk. I have replaced it with Google Analytics (1.0.2) by Kevin Sylvestre and the problem is resolved.

    Apparently the problem is with Joost’s plugin and involves some sort of conflict with your plugin during the updating of the site header. I have notified them of the problem and hopefully they will eventually resolve it.

    Until that time, I will continue using Kevin’s plugin for Google Analytics which works flawlessly with your plugin.

    Thanks for your time.

    Plugin Author David Gwyer


    OK Christopher, thanks for the update.

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