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  • Plugin Author Alex Mills (Viper007Bond)


    Yes it does. 🙂

    My site is running 3.3 (and has been for months) and it works just fine:

    Actually, I noticed it had stopped on a couple of my sites as well. When I disabled Custom Contact Forms it worked again. Unfortunately, that is the only contact plugin that works on certain servers so I have to use it. Bummer.

    It stopped working on my site:

    It only shows the first 4 photos, despite the fact that there are 12 photos in the gallery. Any ideas what’s going on? I even disabled all other plugins to see if it helps… and still no go.

    I’m using WP 3.3.1 with v3.2.2 of the plugin. Halp!


    Hmm… I changed the theme and the plugin works now. Odd.


    It appears that this plugin is having some issues. When I select a photo from the top row of the three columns available, the header banner images stay ovr the top of the photos as I cycle through the photos. BUT, if the first photo that I select is from the bottom row it works just fine. Any thoughts, beside “Yes it does.” Up to date on the plug in and WP as well.

    Follow up… The issue is not that the banner images are staying over the top of the photo (they are sort of) that jQuery starts with, but that if the header area has not been scrolled up out of view before a photo is selected. In 3.2.1 it lays-over the entire page and in 3.3.1 it does not. This is my anomaly with it anyway.
    I tried switching themes but it did not help.

    Other thoughts…
    Z-Index values, could they be related?
    I don’t suppose I can post a screenshot of my anomaly anywhere?
    My system…
    Windows Web Server 08 R2 SP1 64 Bit
    IIS 7

    Follow up up…

    I have tried four of the various light box plug ins and they all have the same issue as above in WP 3.3.1. I have the EXACT same configuration in 3.2.1 on a development box (Win 7 Ult 64 bit), both JQuery Lightbox for Native Galleries and jQuery Colorbox work fine there.

    HI Alex-

    LOVE the plug-in (demo). I have downloaded but cant seem to find on my dashboard where to create galleries. I am fairly new to WP. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much! 🙂


    When we are in the admin area it works but it doesn’t show up on the regular site if we are logged in. Any fixes? I fudged the CSS to get the flag aligned properly.

    This plugin is a lifesaver when it comes to working on websites in multiple languages.

    I think it is related to conflict between plugins, javascript calls, etc…

    I had the same issue, did a list of actived plugins… and deactivated
    Apptha WP Banner Image Slider
    At a first try… I was lucky, it was the one conflicting it…

    As I was not using it I just leave it that way, deactivated… if not, you will have to look a way to make them live together…



    This is the 7th plugin for a gallery that has yet to work. I’m losing my faith in WordPress and it’s plugin developers.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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