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  • Hi,

    seem like the lazy load plugin breaks other JQuery stuff a lot.

    I experienced this with a manual include of ScrollTo and LocalScroll JQuery plugins.

    function jquery_lazy_load_headers() {
      $plugin_path = plugins_url('/', __FILE__);
      $lazy_url = $plugin_path . 'javascripts/';
      //$jq_url = '';
      //wp_enqueue_script('jquery', $jq_url, false, '1.4.2');
      wp_enqueue_script('jquerylazyload', $lazy_url, 'jquery', '1.5.0');

    I changed the code above and now it works. I include my own JS file form my server instead of Google’s and this seems to do the trick. but I don’t understand why?

    When keeping the plugin as it was I always get in Firebug an error: “localscroll is not a function” for my other code. If I comment out the lines above, everything works, so my own script works. Lazy load , too. But together there is something strange…

    Any JQuery guru has an idea???

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