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  • Yeah it’s not working for me either. 🙁 This plugin has the potential to be great. I’m looking to do what TMZ does (with their replies) Where you click the button, and it shows all replies.

    Anyway, if there is an alternative plugin, or we could at least get this plugin working, I would be more than happy to donate.

    Hi ttomp13,
    Glad to hear(sort of) that it’s not just me. I was hoping the creator of it would get back but nothing yet.

    I haven’t found an alternative for it.

    I know. 🙁 I’ve been looking for alternatives as well. It seems to be working on this persons site:

    (This may be the creator’s site, I’m not sure.)

    Right she is the creator of the plugin but she doesn’t seem to be watching the site right now.

    I know that it’s not my theme, and I know that it’s not my plugins. I’ve tried deactivating all of my other plugins with no luck. I’m wondering if it is something in the functions.php file. I’m going to look for a solution for the next half hour. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

    ok thanks.

    Yeah nothing so far. I’m going to head to the gym. I think this is only something the creator will be able to fix. Once I get a solution, I’ll post a link and a tutorial video on how to fix the problem.


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    Actually, I do check back on WordPress every now and again, but comments (i.e. support questions) don’t get emailed to me unless it’s attributed correctly. But I do have my contact information in the plugin’s readme file, so email works fine too 🙂

    As I said in another thread, I have the plugin working just fine on several sites right now, and just to be sure, I just installed it on a fresh installation of WordPress 3.4.1 with the Twenty Eleven theme, and it’s working just as it should. (that site is mine.)

    As I said in the other thread, simply saying “it’s not working” gives me absolutely nothing to go on. Without knowing how you’re applying it in your the,e, what code you’re using to edit the layout of the comments, I have no idea what’s going wring with your installation.

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    To the OP, I’m looking at the CommentPress theme files on github. In the comments.php file (for the theme) did you replace the wp_list_comments() call? In that theme, it looks like this:

    				// list comments params
    				'type'=> 'comment',
    				'reply_text' => 'Reply to this comment',
    				'callback' => 'cp_comments'

    You have to replace the wp_list_comments with bb_list_comments. Did you do that?

    EDIT: Just used the functions from the theme and ‘ported them over to Twenty Eleven, then did the above. The expandable comments are working just as they should. I don’t know about the rest of the theme, but the comments stuff from that theme are working fine with the plugin.

    Hi thanks for getting back. I told you all I can in my first post. I’m using Commentpress theme. I did what it says in the installation instructions. And I doesn’t seem to work?

    Can you suggest anything else to check?

    Yes that’s what I did.

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    Without actually seeing your code and setup, I can’t say what’s up. Have you reverted back to the default theme, and edited the comments.php file in Twenty Eleven? if it works (and it should, since I just did it in my own install0 then you know it’s a theme conflict. how about plugins? I saw that this theme comes with an optional plugin. Is that activated? have you deactivated your plugins to see if they’re affecting it?

    I haven’t tried switching themes but I’ll do that later and see what happens. I have deactivated plugins but will try them all again with the different theme. Thanks for the help.

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    Ah, okay. I see. I just installed this theme on my testbed to see what’s going on. The theme alone is set to not even show comments, so you *have* to use the plugin that comes with it. The plugin already does showing/hiding of comment layouts, and uses a lot of AJAX/prototype scripting to do all kinds of showing/hiding. I’d say this is a scripting conflict. That’s not really anything that’s my plugin’s fault (or the plugin of this theme’s fault either) – it’s just conflicts. Your best bet is to get rid of my plugin and use the plugin that comes with that theme, or ditch that theme and use my plugin. They simply don’t play well together.

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