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  • Hello,

    Firstly apologies for being a complete novice but i’m having difficulties getting Colorbox to open groups of images from each thumbnail on my portfolio page. I desperatley need help!

    Currently clicking an image thumbnail in Colorbox opens project 1 image, clicking the arrow skips to project 2 etc etc, but i need it to skip to PHOTO 2 in the same project. if you see what i mean? So each thumbnail opens a group of images? IE the arrow will open image 1.1 then 1.2 then 1.3 etc. Click out, then click on project two and scan through the images 2.1 > 2.2>2.3 etc?

    I’m sure this is really easy but i’m completely stuck. Does it make any sense?

    These are my Colorbox settings currently:

    transition: “elastic”,
    speed: 350,
    width: FALSE,
    height: FALSE,
    innerWidth: FALSE,
    innerHeight: FALSE,
    initialWidth: “400”,
    initialHeight: “400”,
    maxWidth: FALSE,
    maxHeight: FALSE,
    scalePhotos: TRUE,
    scrolling: TRUE,
    inline: FALSE,
    html: FALSE,
    iframe: FALSE,
    photo: FALSE,
    href: FALSE,
    title: FALSE,
    rel: TRUE,
    opacity: 0.9,
    preloading: TRUE,
    current: “image {1} of {3}”,
    previous: “previous”,
    next: “next”,
    close: “close”,
    open: FALSE,
    overlayClose: TRUE,

    slideshow: FALSE,
    slideshowAuto: TRUE,
    slideshowSpeed: 2500,
    slideshowStart: “start slideshow”,
    slideshowStop: “stop slideshow”,

    onOpen: FALSE,
    onLoad: FALSE,
    onComplete: FALSE,
    onCleanup: FALSE,
    onClosed: FALSE

    This is the code:

    <div class=”maincontent-fullwidth”>
    <div id=”mainportfolio”>
    <div class=”porftolio-page”>
    <div class=”pf-box”>
    <img src=”images/portfolio-thumb/pf-thumb1.jpg” alt=”” class=”pf-img” />
    <h6>Project Name 1</h6>
    <div class=”pf-box”>
    <img src=”images/portfolio-thumb/pf-thumb2.jpg” alt=”” class=”pf-img” />
    <h6>Project Name 2</h6>
    <div class=”pf-box”>
    <img src=”images/portfolio-thumb/pf-thumb3.jpg” alt=”” class=”pf-img” />
    <h6>Project Name 3</h6>

    As i said any help you can give would help me out so much. Thank you!

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  • Hi,
    could you give me the URL to the site that you are having problems with?
    Best regards,

    Hey seba82,

    I’ve been trying to do the same exact thing. So yes, It makes perfect sense to me. Have you figured it out?

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