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    Ive noticed that this tends to put the image over the embeded youtube video but not the faded section, so it can look pretty funky when you have videos on the same part of the screen. Lightbox 2 doesn’t have a problem with this and will make the video go underneath the faded background, is there any way to do that with Colorbox?

    Otherwise this is a really great plugin. 🙂

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  • A transparency issue I would think. Go back to the plugin FAQ and look at item number 5.

    “I have Flash (e.g. Youtube videos) embedded on my website. Why do they show up over the layer when I click on an image?”

    Might be a solution there.

    So I will need to manually add these to every flash file I embed? It would seem like since the plugin can already add code to images it should also do this by default for embeded flash. Thanks for the info though, it seems to work fine. I guess I will do that for now. If it is possible to somehow work this into the plugin though, that would be really great as it seems lightbox 2 does exactly this.

    I think the problem might actually be with the YouTube generated code. It contains no wmode transparency parameters by default. Maybe if you drop the plugin developer a suggestion on his site, it might be something to put on his to-do list.

    Hey Guys,
    today I updated the plugin to version 3.0.
    In this version, you can automate the setting of the “wmode” attribute for flash objects on your site.
    Best regards,

    is the “hide flash” option working for you?

    If so, could you mark the thread as solved?

    Best regards,

    I had moved on to Lightbox 2 as I wasn’t satisfied with a few things on this one. Tried it out again tonight and I will be using it once again, great job, it works really well. I have only 1 minor request, any chance you could make the box stay centered even when scrolling the page? Other than that its prefect. I will mark this as solved. =D

    Oh yeah, one other thing is that theme #10 does not show on mine.

    Hi Jakets,

    thank you for your loyalty 🙂

    Unfortunately, I haven’t found a reliable way for the Colorbox to stay centered when scrolling.
    You could hide the scrollbars of the browser window by adding this JavsScript code to your page:

    $(document).bind(‚cbox_open‘, function(){ 
    }).bind('cbox_closed', function(){ 

    You could ask at the Colorbox Google Group, maybe someone can help you there.

    Best regards,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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