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[Resolved] [Plugin: jQuery Collapse-O-Matic] trigger below the expanded content?

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Have you considered using the swaptitle attribute, it pretty much does exactly that.

    You didn’t read what I said…

    I know that the swaptitle attribute changes the text. But I also want to have the section expand up, not down. The only example of expanding the section up is the manual one, nothing with the shortcodes.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Correct, I only read what you wrote. So, You want to have the trigger below the target AND have a swaptitle… all using the short code. Currently, the only way this can be done is using the roll-your-own method like so:

    <div id="target-monkey1" class="collapseomatic_content">You might think you can catch a monkey, but you can't. Monkeys are FAST!</div>
    <span class="collapseomatic" title="Fast Monkey" id="monkey1" >Fast Monkey</span>
    <span id="swap-monkey1" style="display: none;">Eek Eek</span>

    will consider adding the ability to position the trigger after the target using only the shortcode in a future release.

    Which doesn’t really help. I could do it the manual way, but it is far too convoluted and definitely not easy to remember if you want to use it a lot.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Sorry for waisting your time, Chief. Since you are the only person that has requested this feature–and are such a happy-on-the-inside kind of clown–we’ll get right on adding feature to the next release. We certainly wouldn’t want you all confused with scary convoluted html.

    Thanks for playing.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Version 1.3.15 has a tirgpos attribute just for you, sweetheart. set it like so: trigpos="below"

    wow…talk about customer service… sad. Its sad when devs/designers get a diva complex like they sh@t gold. It was a simple request. Everything else the plugin does is done with a shortcode, so why not that. Do you really think that people are going to sit there and type all that out and remember the correct classes, etc.? Seriously? Get off your high horse and step down to reality.



    Forum Moderator

    talk about customer service

    Well, you could always ask for a refund. Oh – hang on – it’s a free plugin, isn’t it?

    And all I did was ask how to do that with a shortcode. No reason for the dev to go all Tyra Banks on me for asking.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Thanks for the positive feedback! Issue resolved.

    Wow, guys, this conversation was hilarious. You made my day. Final score 1-0 for the developpers!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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