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    hi there,
    i have a whole bunch of expandable entries listed on a static page. the titles in the list are quite close together, so i tried modifying the padding in the plugin’s style.css
    neither padding-bottom nor padding-top have shown any reaction to my modifications.
    padding-left can be changed. but it’s not the padding i want to change.
    i’m very thankful for any tips or clues.

    ps: pretty new to the whole css-thing. so please be detailed.

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    hello. a link to the page in question generally helps out greatly.
    If it is the titles (or trigger text) that you want to adjust, you can do this a number of ways. The default tag that the trigger text is wrapped in is a span tag. Spans are inline elements, and by default they do not support top or bottom padding. So the first method would be to change the tag that wraps the trigger text. Do this by adding the tag attribute to the expand element like so:

    h2: [expand title="trigger text" tag="h2"]content[/expand]
    div: [expand title="trigger text" tag="div"]content[/expand]

    you can now create a specific class that uses padding-bottom and add the class to the expand using the trigclass attribute:

    h2: [expand title="trigger text" tag="h2" trigclass="your_class"]content[/expand]

    This should get you pointed in the right direction. Let us know if you need further assistance.

    alright. adding the div-tag-attribute did, what i was going for. thanks a lot for that!

    you kinda lost me after that. i didn’t get the whole trigclass-thing. could you explain that once more.

    all the best from berlin, germany. 🙂

    Plugin Author Baden


    Great, glad you got it sorted out. Trigclass, and all other attributes, are demonstrated for your reading pleasure at the collapse-o-matic documentation page.

    greetings from hamburg, germany, digga 🙂

    Plugin Author Baden


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