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  • You are using Ver 1.3 of Collapse-O-Matic, right?

    I’ve added Collapse-O-Matic to my website in three different implementations <>. Firefox 10 in my browser of choice and Collapse-O-Matic works perfectly in FF and IE8.

    I have the trigger text display for all items in the list. Click one ‘trigger’ and it expands; click another ‘trigger’ and it expands and the already open item collapses.

    Is this what you want? If so, look at their ‘del’ attribute. It might take a few tries to get it to work the way you want, but it is worth the time. I love it.

    Just testing in Google Chrome and it works correctly there as well.

    Clicking the triggers, in Chrome, in the link below works for you?

    When I click on the “trigger” they do not expand on my site. For some reason clicking the “triggers” only works in Internet Explorer for me. Yes I can see they are working on your website, in all browsers.

    Yes I am on version 1.3.17 of Collapse-O-Matic and version 3.3.1 of WordPress.

    I am just trying to get it to work on my site to expand on most browsers, and currently they do not. It seems like I am doing something wrong with the code.. but then why would it work in IE and not work elsewhere?

    Another thing i noticed, when I go to look at my Installed Plug-Ins, and click “Edit” next to the ‘jQuery Collapse-O-Matic” I can see that the PHP of the Plugin says “active”

    However, when I click on the CSS and the JS plugin files to open them in editor, they say they are “inactive”
    Despite this, jQuery Collapse-O-Matic is listed as an “Active” plug in, when I am in the “Installed Plugins” summary view.

    Thank you for your time and patience with taking a look at this.

    Here’s the code for my (right-side) expand/collapse sidebar item I named ‘External Resources’. I left everything in so that you could see what does what and hopefully get a feel for how it works. If the code doesn’t come through, send me your e-mail address and send it as a text file:

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    Thanks davejampole! I don’t see the code in your response, please email to

    I appreciate it!

    Plugin Author Baden


    Try using the tag attribute… and some simple content to test:
    [expand title="I have never done yoga before, where do I start?" tag="strong"]use some simple content for testing[/expand]

    just tired it:

    Also tried it on a new test page:

    Still works in IE though! weird.
    Maybe I should try to re-install the plug in?

    Thank you, I’m grateful for any additional feedback you might have.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Intriguing. The fact that is IS working in IE is almost scary! There must be some kind of conflict with either another plugin or the theme.

    Try narrowing it down by disabling all other plugins and see if it works. If it does, then one-by-one, re-activate plugins until the culprit is discovered. If not, swap your ‘Piano Black’ theme to Twenty Eleven and test again.

    Report back and we will take it from there.
    Fret not! We’ll get you squared away.

    Hi Baden, thank you for this response. I know, crazy about IE, scary stuff!

    It looks like a conflict with the theme, because disabling all other plugins did not change the issue, but when I tested with Twenty Eleven it worked!

    So maybe the problem is in one of my .CSS files or .PHP files?
    Or perhaps there is a modification I can make to those files or in the JS?

    I tried pasting the header.php and style.css in this post but it was not showing up so I removed it. I can send via email

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    [CSS moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please just post a link to your site.]

    Plugin Author Baden


    Hey igso. Lets fix this together, like kung-fu yoga cowboys!
    Please set up a temp admin account for me and email the details to:
    support (here is where you place the @ symbol)
    you can also hit me up on skype: baden03

    Plugin Author Baden


    Alright! The problem is absolutely with the piano-black theme, specifically the file: themes/piano-black/js/jscript.js

    —and you’re not the only one:

    This is kind of a big deal… and the theme author should really fix this. Will install the theme and see if it’s worth the effort to earn another happy collapse-o-matic user.

    Please standby (and maybe a squeak or two in the ear of piano-black’s mono-lab is not a bad idea… )

    Brilliant! Thank you for continuing to look into it. Please let me know the effort involved.

    I’ve tagged this Topic with “piano-black” and “mono-lab” so I hope this is sufficient for it to appear as a “what others are saying” item below the ratings:

    Will follow up with a rating to the theme, as well.

    Plugin Author Baden


    OK! I removed the fancy prototype dropdown menu scrip and replaced them with a more simple jQuery version. Take a look and see if it is working for you now.

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