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    Recently upgraded to Version 1.4.9. Also recently updated my parent theme Boilerplate. As site is in development you’ll need a login to see it so I created:

    Username: Test
    Password: test1234

    The page that uses Collapse-O-Matic is the home page: There are 4 category lists, each item in each list is supposed to expand and show a description and some links. In a highlander fashion.

    I’ve used php to call the plugin (if that’s the way to phrase it) in the index.php page template. See code: pastebin.

    The triggers don’t work and the content stays hidden. I’ve read the forums and I’ve tried things to no success. I read about removing the div class “content_collapse_wrapper”. This just made the content visible by default, but also won’t collapse. As seen at this anchor:

    My custom child theme uses javascript for a nifty sidebar menu which floats as you scroll up and down the page. So maybe this is causing problems with the parent theme and/or Collapse-O-Matic? Not sure as I don’t know much about javascript. I don’t seem to have any javascript errors in my console though so I’m stumped.

    Please help as I love this plugin to bits and often use it commercially.

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Hello. It seems that your template is not loading in the collapse-o-matic jQuery required to trigger the expand/collapse. It is for some reason loading in the css… did you insert this manually into your header.php file? Make sure your header includes the head(); line. If that does not work, you must manually insert the collapse.min.js file, located in the plugins > jquery-collapse-o-matic folder.

    Please let us know if you get this figured out!

    Thank you for the fast reply Baden. Issue resolved! Though for me I have more to learn…

    It’s basically the Boilerplate theme. Boilerplate tries to reduce http requests but when it was adapted as a WP theme, the developers had to compromise a little it seems.

    I copied the code from collapse.min.js into a boilerplate file called scripts.js in the js directory of my parent theme, and hey presto it works! (I tried putting it in the child theme’s js directory but the theme seems to automatically looks for it in the parent theme… I’m thinking it would be better in the child theme but that is a Boilerplate issue).

    So I think this is normal for the nature of Boilerplate, which is I’m assuming to sacrifice plugin user-friendliness for more efficient code.

    Also, for those experiencing similar issues, do not use a div “content_collapse_wrapper” for the collapsable content (as suggested in the “roll-your-own” thread. It’s not necessary anymore.

    Thanks again Baden! This really is an awesome script that I will continue to use commercially. Also, customer service, considering this is free is (unbelievably) excellent.

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