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    Earlier today I tried using ‘Column-Matic’ code within ‘Collapse-O-Matic’ code so that when a expand element was clicked, what is displayed is formatted into columns. Let me be the first to advise – DON’T DO IT!!!!! They do not play well together.

    I don’t know where the fault lies, nor do I care. What does matter is that the combination of the two deleted code, totally screwed up content formatting (both when editing the code and when viewing the content on my WordPress webpage) and costing me roughly three hours fixing everything.

    I like and use both Collapse-O-Matic and Column-Matic, and would highly recommend both, BUT NOT TOGETHER!!

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  • Plugin Author Baden


    Dave: First, very sorry about the three hours of frustration that you experianced–very un-cool when that happens… more so when it involves our plugins. Next, we sincerely thank you for the feedback, both here, and on the twinpictures page.

    We will look into this issue immediately and see just what in the wide-world-of-sports is a’going on! When we find it, and we will find it… we will fix it and name the fix after you. So there’s that.

    At first blush, is must be something wonky with column-matic. Will investigate and report back. Again, sorry and thanks, in that order.


    I’ve been working with computers designing/redesigning database and website software starting back in the Apple + days using something called PFS File and Lotus 1-2-3. This goes a l-o-n-g way towards giving away my age. If I had the money I’ve spent on software, I’d have a gaggle of Mercedi (plural of Mercedes- I think) in my garage.

    Why am I saying all this? To say that I have never met a more responsive company than Twinpictures. You guys are amazing!!

    Have a question? They will answer it, or aim you to any answer.
    Have an issue with one of their widgets? Instead of the easy ‘It’s your fault dumbass’, they will step up and find a solution even if the solution has to do with another publisher.

    What makes this all the more unbelievable is their widgets are AT NO COST!! To put a fine point on it – this is happening on Sunday!!

    Just f$^&*g mindboggling!

    Plugin Author Baden


    Yeah… that’s just the way we roll.
    Ok, we did a test. It seems to work in a vacum…. so it seems, dear Watson, there is a mystery afoot!

    Now at this point, we are entering the area of a ‘premium service’… but, just like your local crack dealer… we do this first one for free:

    If you like, create a temp. admin account for us and send the login details to: info [something, something, ->@<- the month of may] and we will get you squared away. Wow, that almost even rhymed.


    The fact that I’m not sure what you want will become self-evident when I ask this question:

    Do you mean a new user on the WP dashboard? I think that’s what you’re asking, but I just want to be sure.

    Plugin Author Baden


    Dave. Yes. If you are confortable with providing access, create a new user, give this user admin privileges, and send the info to the above semi-obfuscated twinpictures address.

    Include a link to the page that you are having/had this issue and maybe a brief description on how to recreate it. We will work on an unpublished test page and figure out where the problem is. When everything is solved, you delete the temp admin user…and happily ever after. Can’t promise this will be solved tonight, but it will be solved.

    Also, where can I find out about ‘premium service’?

    Plugin Author Baden


    Why Dave, glad you asked 🙂
    Over the weekend, we started migrating all twinpictures to a much cleaner more WordPressy looking site called… wait for it…
    The Plugin Oven
    At the time of this writing only Collapse-O-Matic is fully moved over… but we think it’s a great improvement over being wedged in the aging twinpictures site (relaunch is inprocess).

    Traditionally, support for our plugins has been available via:

    • Commenting on the website
    • Commenting on the twinpictures facebook page
    • Tweeting your question to @twinpictures
    • Using this great forum here on

    With the launch of the plugin oven we are directing all support questions here on the WordPress Forums. This will always be free and community supported—the way WordPress should be. However, for a very reasonable fee, we now offer Premium Support. Due to the forum rules, we do not promote paid-for services—but they are available—nudge, nudge, wink, wink…bobs your uncle.

    The folks at Twinpictures (Baden specifically) fixed the problem I was having. The problem was mine and my coding. What Baden & Co. did for me was, IMHO, above and beyond what I could have expected.

    Thank you for the help.

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