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  • Not currently, but that should be a pretty straight-forward enhancement. I hesitated to include a “Child of” feature because of potential performance issues, but your request is low overhead.

    Give me a couple of days and I’ll report back, likely with a new version that does exactly that. Please subscribe to this thread so you will be notified. Or, if you prefer, send me your e-mail address through the plugin’s site at and I’ll notify you directly, as well as reporting back here.


    Sounds great! I’ll watch this thread for updates.

    I think this improvement will add to this plugins value quite a bit. For example users can have a different theme for their stores or forums or helpdesk (and any new posts in that area) all on one install of WP.

    Version 3.1 of the plugin has just been released, with a Prefix capability like what you are describing. The only thing that I could not easily support in a “all URLs that start like this” Prefix was those with Queries, which is the question mark (“?”) preceding keywords at the end of some URLs. The Prefix cannot contain a “?” but it will match URLs with Queries in them.

    Please be sure to let me know if there are any issues with the implementation of Prefixes. Or anything else.

    Thank you for the interest!

    This plugin is great! I am testing it out and if I select “all posts” it will indeed use the alternate theme I’m picking for it. Problem I’m having is with the Prefix. I want the entry page for my news/blog area to also show this alternate theme and it doesn’t seem to be working. Am I missing something I should be doing?

    Thanks so much!

    You shouldn’t be using the Prefix option if you only want a single page to have a different theme. Prefix is used to select all URLs that begin with the same characters. If the “entry page for my news/blog area” is the “Site Address (URL)” shown in the WordPress General Settings, then you can use the “Select Theme for Site Home” feature of this plugin.

    Otherwise, you would copy and paste the full URL of the “entry page for my news/blog area” into the “URL of Page, Post, Prefix or other” at the bottom of the plugin’s settings page, and select the Theme from the field just above and hit the Save Changes button. No need to select the Prefix field.

    That did it! That pesky checkbox shouldn’t have been checked. Thanks for the super fast response!

    You are very welcome!

    By the way, I don’t know why it didn’t work even with the Prefix box checked, so I will check into that. That was certainly not my intent.

    Hi Jonradio:
    Thanks for the multiple plug inn and your hard work, I think I’m almost there with installing it but I’m having an issue with my menu and wondered if you could help. Ive installed the Esplanade theme for all pages but the blog page. Ive been following your directions on modifying the additional theme, in this case Origami, I’m selecting and saving my drop down “menu” when in theme test drive, deactivating then deactivating TTD and activating yours, but my menu in the blog section still doesn’t display correctly. Any thoughts? my website is
    Thanks for the help!


    I got it, I had the themes reversed, I needed to activate origami and then it worked. Confused but whats new and furthermore I don’t care, its doing what I wanted and it looks great, thanks again!

    this plugin is great. thank you.
    could you give me specific instruction for my scenario.
    I have a membership site and would like to add an auction theme . how would i set this up so that all pages ,posts, and other associated with the auction would use the auction theme and the rest of my site uses my original theme?

    thank you for your help

    Posts associated with your auction sub-site could all have a category of “auction” and then you could use the solution described under “How do I select a Theme for a Category of Posts?” in the FAQ:

    Likewise, you could group all your auction Pages under the same parent Page, perhaps with a slug of “auctions”, and use the Prefix capability in the same way as you would with the Posts.

    Just makes sure that the Category and the Parent Page slug are different.

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