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    Hey there,

    I’ve come across a rather odd issue that I’m not quite sure how to tackle:

    I run a small WordPress network and was recently asked for a job listing page; your plugin was the obvious choice. After installing, however, I’ve found that the job listing page – – only displays the intro paragraph, never the jobs. If I click on “View” from the back-end, I get a 404 error (

    Even stranger is that this only happens on the parent site.

    To date, this is what I’ve tried:

    • Activating the plugin on the other sites in this network (, It works perfectly.
    • Activating the plugin on a different WordPress network. Again, it worked perfectly.
    • Disabling all plugins.
    • Activating the twentyeleven theme.
    • Changing permalinks.

    So, I’m really not sure what’s getting in the plugin’s way. Any idea what could be causing this issue?

    Thank you so much!

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  • So, no luck with the situation though there are some new developments:

    I found out that the plugin does display properly if I have permalinks set to default – as this person reported – but all other options don’t render.

    I’ve found some really odd behavior in that I can set the job listing page to have a parent and it will display on first load but, if I try to view a job or reload the page, it goes back to the default “Hi! This page is used by your Job Manager plugin as a base. Feel free to change settings here, but please do not delete this page. Also note that any content you enter here will not show up when this page is displayed on your site.” message.

    I can set up the job listing on the other sites for the time being but the main site is acting as a hub for all activity so it would be wonderful if there is some work around.


    Note: I had created another post regarding the issue after discovering it was not the plugin but rather something to do with multisite and the hosting environment. (I have confirmed this by enabling the plugin on a separate multisite environment and it working properly.)

    Unfortunately, my second post was prematurely closed as it was seen as a double-post about the same issue. While this is a result of the multisite error, it is not a double-post. (Regardless of whether this plugin is enabled or not, the permalink issue remains on the main site.)

    Anyway, below is my post from the multsite forum. For fear of getting banned, I’m updating this post in hopes that someone will migrate over and check it out.


    – – – – –

    Hey there,

    I’ve got a fairly odd permalink issue that’s been affecting the root site of my multisite install only.

    The setup:

    WordPress 3.2.1
    Sub-directory install
    Default .htaccess for multisite
    Domain mapping plugin for sub-directory sites
    PHP Version 5.2.9
    The problem:
    I first noticed an issue when I tried using the Jobs Manager plugin and couldn’t get it to work unless my permalinks were set to the default.

    I thought it was the plugin because pages and posts worked just fine regardless of peramalink setting…or so I thought.

    We recently started adding some test blog entries and found that, while the posts do indeed link properly, clicking categories or archive pages render 404 Errors.

    Example (forgive the incomplete-ness):,

    Again, this is not true on any of the sub-sites; pages, posts, taxonomies, and archives all link properly.

    I’ve talked to the hosting company and they wrote it off as a WordPress issue and said they most likely couldn’t do anything. So, if anyone has any suggestions, it’d be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Apologies for the late update to this but, just in case anyone is having similar issues, I wanted to share what ended up solving the problem.

    As I was sure of, this had nothing to do with the plugin, but my permalinks – I needed to flush the rewrite rules.

    Knowing that flush_rewrite_rules is quite taxing, I searched around for a way to only call it upon activation.

    (Note: Unfortunately, the way WordPress’ Function Reference described didn’t seem to work for me.)

    Luckily, I found Ohad Raz’s post and added the following lines to my C.P.T. function (‘jobs’ being my custom post type):

    $set = get_option('post_type_rules_flased_jobs');
    if ($set !== true){

    …and all was well.

    While I ended up not using the plugin, I did confirm that doing this did make the plugin function properly.

    Hopefully this proves helpful to someone else!

    jtyarks, I’m not an experienced WP developer, can I just check exactly what you did to make this work?

    You edit the post.php and placed the above code in the
    function register_post_type($post_type, $args = array()) function?

    Does it matter where it lives in this function?

    Also do you need to do anything in terms of adding ‘jobs’ as a custom post type or does the plugin automatically do this?

    Also what plugin did you go with in the end and why didn’t you use job manager out of interest?

    Hi wibbsy,

    What’s your set up now? Do you have any custom post types aside from what Job Manager created? Are you only able to see the posts if you have default permalinks on? (The answer changes depending on those variables.)

    To answer your last question, we went with an in-house solution because we wanted to reduce our plugin dependency given how the large project scope (an ever-growing multisite). I created a custom post type (‘jobs’) and used Gravity Forms ( to handle the application submission. (I’m sure you could do this with Contact Form 7 or something similar if you don’t want to purchase Gravity Forms.)


    Also, a few things to try:

    * Login with an adminstrator account
    * Install and activate the plugin
    * Visit your permalinks page before adding any jobs. You shouldn’t need to do anything – visiting with an admin account should flush the rewrite rules.
    * Add a job.

    If that doesn’t work, try the same process but change your permalinks to default and then save them to your preferred pretty permalink set up.

    If that still doesn’t work, you’re going to need to add in a function to rewrite the rules.

    My custom permalinks are:

    The jobs list displays if everytime I add a job I go back and reload the permalink page. Bit of a pain!?

    I have no custom post types. I only have job manager installed as standard which I assume auto creates ‘jobs’ as a custom post type?

    So, your jobs display fine only if you reload the permalink page? Also, just to confirm, you’ve set them back to default and then resaved as /%category%/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/?

    As for the plugin itself, It actually creates several post types:

    • jobman_job
    • jobman_joblist
    • jobman_app_form
    • jobman_app
    • jobman_register
    • jobman_email
    • jobman_interview

    If resaving your permalinks (not just reloading the page) doesn’t work, I’m not sure if you can target the problem through your functions file (it may too late because the post type is already registered) or if you’ll need to edit the plugin itself.

    If the fix can come through your functions file, you’d need to add something like this:

    add_action('init', 'jobs_fix', 0);
    function jobs_fix() {
        $set = get_option('post_type_rules_flased_jobman_job');
        if ($set !== true){

    If that doesn’t do it, then it sounds like the plugin needs a few extra pieces added to its code.

    Let me know, I’ll happily submit a ticket to the developer’s issue list.

    Okay. I had my custom structure setout and resaved.

    Added a new job and it doesn’t appear in the job list.

    Change permalinks to default and saved = doesn’t appear.

    Changed back to custom structure and saved = appears?????

    If I add the code from your original post would I need separate reference/entry for each of the custom post types? you originally had ‘jobs’ which I assume actually was ‘jobman_job’?

    My site is in development so it’s easy for my to un-install the plugin and re-start from scratch (I didn’t understand what you mean when you say ‘it may be too late as the post type is registered’)?

    Hmm, that’s pretty odd.

    Sorry, let me clarify about what I had to confirm it was working:

    Before adding my own job solution to the mix, I already had a custom post type called “offers” for an Offer feature. I added that code I mentioned to my offer post type and saw that the plugin was then functioning properly.

    When I decided to go with a custom solution, I made my own post type called “jobs,” and added the aforementioned code there instead. I thought that it was because of my own post types that the plugin wasn’t working. (I had tried adding the job manager to a different multisite on another host without any other post types added and got it working properly.)

    As for the “too late” statement, I’m referring to the fact that the post types are not being registered in your functions file and I believe that code I gave you needs to be attached to the same call that registers the post type in the first place. That said, you should be able to do it just for one of the post types (‘jobman_job,’ ‘jobman_app,’ whatever) and it would affect all of them.

    To confirm that you’re having the same problem I was, add this to your functions file:

    add_action( 'init', 'flush_rewrite_rules' );
    function flush_rewrite_rules() {
    global $wp_rewrite;

    (Don’t keep this in here after you confirm whether or not it works – this uses up a lot of resources.)

    If the plugin is working, then we are having the same issue and the developer should probably add a flush rules to the plugin. If not, then we have separate issues.

    Whereabouts in the function file does this code go (sorry remember n00b to WP)?

    No worries – you should be able to place it anywhere and get the same result. Just for this test, add immediately after the opening “<?php”

    After that’s in there and saved (either via WordPress’ editor or uploaded through FTP), refresh your jobs section and see if the plugin works properly. Again, regardless of whether it works properly or not, you’re going to want to remove those lines from the functions file after testing.

    Doing so gives me fatal errors on the site:
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_action() in….”

    Definitely in the functions.php file and not post.php?

    Sorry, at work so I’m not able to test much right now. That said, this should definitely go in your functions.php file.

    Try this –

    add_action( 'init', 'jobman_rewrite' );
    function jobman_rewrite() {
    	global $wp_rewrite;
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