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  • Hallo All,

    I have successfully installed the plugin, everything doing very good, had some small problems but finds solution in this forum (thanks).

    I just find a new problem (may be bug?) with user roles.

    Contributor, does not have access to JM, that’s good enough, although it would be nice if they can submit job too.

    Author, have access to JM, can add new job, etc. The problem is, they can see other job posted in the job list, and update posts by other user (in my case, as admin I enter few dummy job).

    Have not tried the Editor role yet. I hope you have solution for this. Thanks

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  • You’re right, the user roles are not correct at the moment. I’m planning on fixing this up in version 0.8, when I build a frontend to allow anyone to post jobs, for site owners to charge for job postings, etc.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Looking forward for the next version.

    While in the topic, I have found out that when I want to edit job, the markings in the job_fields are missing so i have to fill it again. Surely it would be great if the markings does not disappear.

    thanks again

    Could you clarify what you mean by markings disappearing? I’ve played around with job editing a bit, and haven’t had any problems with data disappearing.

    Sorry, my fault, it’s a language barrier thing. 🙂

    So I have a field called “education” with checkbox, with 4 data (High School, Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctoral Degree). When I wrote a job post, check the checkbox, and submit it, the data shown in the job page. So far so good.

    Now when I want to edit the job post (from job list), the checkmark in the checkbox disappear. Strangely it did not happens in the category checkbox, the checkmark is still exist.

    Hope you understand..

    Ah, I understand now. I’ll fix this up for 0.7.

    Thanks for the bug report!

    Great. Thanks Pento

    Hi frnds,

    I recently use job Manager plugin.. its very awsome and great plugin i have ever seen, a one more thing i want do in this plugin that when i am adding new user in wordpress and i assign new user to view job applications of some category like User A can view Categorgy A job application and Category B jobs can view User B user…

    how its possible to do this filter..

    pls let me know..

    This is currently not possible. It should be possible with the next major version, due out in July.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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