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  • I have noticed that when someone makes an application and submits their CV’s, that the document that they submit is then uploaded to the website and is accessible by anyone on the internet.
    I can also assume that this would also be indexed for Google etc too!?

    Is there a way to have these documents uploaded to a “safe area” that is private to me the recruiter?

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  • any thoughts on this ?

    any reason why it can’t ?
    Would putting access restrictions on the folder make it difficult for the public to upload to it?
    Are there other problems I’m not thinking of?
    I have looked for another plugin that might help restrict this, but have not been succesful yet.
    Has anyone used successfully a plugin (probably SEO) that blocks robots to a dir, or you can limit the dir from the sitemap?

    Plugin Author Gary Pendergast


    There are a couple of problems here:

    • Having a special directory for uploads probably won’t play nicely with WordPress Multisite.
    • The Media Library directory doesn’t have any file access restrictions.

    I’ve been thinking about an extra plugin to check with WordPress for permissions to download a given file, but I ne ideas that I’ve been happy with so far – loading up WordPress just for a permission check seems a bit like overkill.

    In the mean time, Google shouldn’t index these files – there are no external links to them.

    I guess you would need to request membership of the website and maybe allow uploads specifically to that members area with their own CV’s.
    Admin, being admin, would be able to see all of this.

    It’s nice to know that Google won’t index the file, but the fact is that peoples CV’s, once uploaded, could be downloaded by anyone.

    This is old, but I might as well mention for anyone else who runs into this issue, create a .htaccess file in your uploads directory with just this one simple line

    IndexIgnore *

    Anything under the /uploads directory will not not be indexed or displayed by the server. This will not only stop any CV/Resume from being listed… but will also hide ANY uploads on your site further securing your content.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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