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  • T Klein


    With the update to 3.4 another feature is broken for some reason everytime I try to navigate to page 2 of my jobs, it redirects me back to my homepage. I can’t even seem to navigate to /page/1/ either, the only link that works is what you have set to your permalink in the settings. In my case its /jobs/ so if I try to go to /jobs/page/1/ or /jobs/page/2/ it redirects to homepage.

    Anyone else with a similar problem?

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  • im getting the same problem… not sure what to do.

    Me too! I set the Jobs per page to 0 and now it displays all the jobs on one page (some fix till this problem gets resolved).

    Me too,

    after update WP to 3.4, the pagination of job manager is broken.
    And in i ‘am in the category my url rewriting show me a new virtual sub-folder like this : jobman_joblist/jobs-technical/2/ before i always have : careers/jobs/jobs-technical/2/

    Like jadegglobal i put 0 for job per page, but is not the best solution.

    I return back to my previous WordPress version, and try to fix this problem bofore upgrade again.

    If somebody find a solution please advert us.

    For me the problem come from the frontend-shortcodes.php

    I have the same issue. I also get another navigation at the bottom that has numbered boxes that are all broken. The say “1,2,3,4>>…15”. These all go to nowhere as well.

    Ideas on fixing that?

    I’m afraid you will get no answers from the developers. They have clearly given up on this plugin, just visit their website and you will see their last blog post was February 2011! All subsequent bug notifications and feature requests have gone unanswered.
    There are many, many issues with this plugin, god knows why it’s got such high ratings but if I had known how many features had been left unfinished I would have never wasted my time on it.
    I suppose you get what you pay for, and this is free. The developers must have moved on…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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