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  • Goto Job Manager in Dashboard -> Settings then in the top nav choose display settings, half way down it shows the html for the list view and individual view.



    I did that but still don’t see it. Is it a part of the short code sections?

    any more and specific details on this? i am also trying to show a summary list as before getting to jobs details. thanks.

    Hi there I have just downlloaded & installed job manager, and like the others on here who need helop, i want to list my jobs like, it makes better use of the available space rather than having loads of jobs + details going on and on. it would look far moreeeee3436+

    “half way down it shows the html for the list view and individual view”

    Sorry about that i had to shake all the food out of my keyboard and accidentally posted my message befoer it was finished.
    Any back on subject. It would look far more proffessional if you could set the original code to show like commtech, you would probably get a lot more donations too? As it is at the moment I cannot use it and I suspect that’s happening a lot. Also, yes I’m new to this forum stuff but pROP3r’s vague support message does not make sense (unless you’re a developer maybe?) in which case we wouldn’t be asking the same question.

    Can someone help me make my jobs page look like commtech’s and I’ll give them the donation! someoe help please

    Peace out 🙂

    did you get any answer to this? i have the same question and the developer nor anyone else have bothered to respond. this sucks.

    about to give up on this. i use other plugins where the developers and user community are far more active than this.

    Nope, no answer.

    i see the list view short-code. i just don’t know where i am supposed to plug it. there should be an option somewhere to select the list view…

    I have the same problem, did anyone work this out?

    Nah no answer

    I’m trying to do the same thing. I’m hearing that support for this plug-in is spotty.

    there has been a cpl of upgrades but no one has bothered answering this question in months! what a joke.

    I’ve given up on this guy he’s clearly a tw@t, no proper instructions, 2 sentence reply – once – that was complete b0llox. Smoke & mirrors most of the sh1t on wordpress, great for blogging if you want a very basic cheap looking site but not good for much else.

    Thanks but no thanks……… this guy made me progress onto Joomla – 100 times better guys

    Guys good news!
    After much trial and error, i found a way to customize the job list page.

    Go to Job Manager in Dashboard -> Settings, click ‘Display’ in the top nav, and paste the blow code in the ‘Job List Template’ field.

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please use the pastebin]

    I wanted only four columns for my table, you can add more if you want.
    Hope this helps. Peace V.

    Haha, you guys complaining are unreal. This is a free product and the creator is no way obligated to respond to you. The question you are asking is actually quite basic and is explain in the settings area of the plugin in great detail.

    Praveenius thanks for the information.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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