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[Resolved] [Plugin: Job Manager] Just a coincidence?

  • Steve


    We have a huge problem.

    I had just edited one of the files, “frontend-jobs.php” to change some of the wording when there are no vacancies.

    I had just saved that, and in another tab in Firefox I saved a post as private.

    When I went to check the site, it was totally blank. Nothing. So I tried to backout any changes, however it seems the ENTIRE site had gone blank.The admin panel, everythign in blank.

    So to make sure I hadn’t messed anything up I deleted the post from the database, and reverted the original “frontend-jobs.php”….but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference.

    I appreciate this may not have anything to do with the plugin, so if it doesn’t I apoligies.

    Any ideas?



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  • Do you have access to error logs or can your host provide you with error logs? A white blank screen usually means there is a PHP error and seeing what that error is would greatly help in identifying the problem.



    Well it seems it’s a plugin problem. Had to disable them from phpMyAdmin. Now to figure this whole thing out!

    At least the site is back, at a reduced capacity but back none the less! 😀



    It seems it was the edit in “frontend-jobs.php” that caused the problem.

    I have no idea why, all I did was change the wording, nothing more, nothing less.

    Either way, it’s a relief to have the site back!

    Do you have a copy of the edited frontend-jobs.php? If so, email it to me at gary@pento.net, I’ll see if I can find what the problem was.



    Sorry Gary I got rid of it.

    Thanks anyway. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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