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  • The Job List Template is great at producing a summary of all the jobs. Is it possible to create pages in wordpress that have the Job List Template but only for a particular category? For instance, I’m currently embedding a Job Manager categories widget on pages (so it lists jobs per country)…… but it would be nice to show the Job List Template specific to a category on each country page.

    I hope this makes sense!!

    Paul Smith

    Clarke Energy Careers

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  • If I understand what you are asking, Paul, this should be simple. You just need to end your link with the category name. For example, I have a job list that lists them all at:

    But if I only want to show the list of technical jobs, I just add the name of the category at the end like so:

    Then you can link directly to that one. It works on my site, so hopefully you have the same results.

    That’s great…. so simple!

    If there are no jobs in a particular category, how do I edit the text that appears:

    We currently don’t have any jobs available in this area. Please check back regularly, as we frequently post new jobs. In the mean time, you can also send through your résumé, which we’ll keep on file, and you can check out the jobs we have available in other areas.




    How do you remove the Job info from the category view?

    aeisenbe would you be so kind as to send me the short code block that you used on to display the jobs.

    I’m having a tough time getting the page to display properly.


    I trying to figure out how to use the Job List Template.

    I put the suggested template code from Gary P on “Display Settings” tab within the Job Manager Settings plugin menu

    <div class=”job[job_row_number] job[job_id] [job_odd_even]”>
    <table class=”job-table[if_job_highlighted] highlighted[/if_job_highlighted]”>
    <th scope=”row”>Title</th>
    <td>[job_icon] [job_link][job_title][/job_link]</td>

    into the “text” area of a new page and get the following “visual” outcome

    [Job Loop]

    TITLE [job_icon] [job_link][job_title][/job_link]

    — what am i doing wrong?

    I also added a template in the templates folder within the TwentyTwelve theme, but the template does not show up in the templates menu for add or edit pages. Not sure if there is a trick to getting new templates put in the templates folder recognized. Also not sure if the Job List Template is supposed to be in that folder and if the suggested code above is complete.

    — if someone could send exmaple code and explain where to insert it, I would really appreciate it.


    same issue with me.

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