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  • Goal: Give the person who is looking for a job the possibility to view/download a pdf.

    1. I have added a field called PDF and with data type File Upload in the Job Form Settings.
    2. Add a job and upload a file. (It looks like it doesn’t upload the file.)
    3. I wonder where the file should end up in the folder structure? I have changed some rights (775).

    In Display Settings I see the field as [job_field6_label], [job_field6] – PDF.

    When I load the job list template on the site I get the filed but not the file.

    It seems to be some issue with the actual upload. Should I create a folder that couldn’t be created when I installed it?

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  • Thanks for the bug report! I’ve been able to reproduce this issue, I’ll fix it up and release a fix ASAP!

    0.6.1 is out, which fixes this bug.

    Thank you so much!
    Works great! Greta job you are doing!!!

    But I got this error:
    Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in /home7/saccusad/public_html/trainee/wp-content/plugins/job-manager/admin-application-form.php on line 195

    Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in /home7/saccusad/public_html/trainee/wp-content/plugins/job-manager/admin-application-form.php on line 168

    How can a registered user see which positions he or she has apllied to? Maybe this should be a new topic?

    Sorry – I get that error when I add a “upload file”.

    Thanks for letting me know about these warnings, I’ll fix them for 0.6.2.

    Just to check, in your Application Form Settings, do you have any fields that are marked as a “Mandatory field”?

    The user currently can’t see what they’ve applied for, I’m looking at ways to extend the user frontend beyond the basic registration that exists at the moment, this is something I’m considering.

    I’m having a problem with the file upload as well…maybe i’m just missing something. I also want a pdf to be associated with the job, so i created a new file upload field. I uploaded a pdf for a job and added the following code to my display settings:

    <th scope=”row”>Attachment:</th>

    The row is showing up, but it says “Attachment: 485”.

    I don’t know where the 485 is coming from. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Thanks for the bug report! I’ll release a fix for this in 0.6.2.

    I don’t have any mandatory fields.

    Sounds great with a feature to be able to see your old application. I’m using the system to have different categorys and different fields to each category. But some – like name and phone and stuff like that should all be the same.

    I force them to register but I wonder if I could get more fields in the registration process so that the common fileds would be filled in there.


    dax316 – I didn’t change any code in the display settings and it will display the attchment by using the loop.

    @jakobwa – Thanks for the tip. However, i’m doing a bit of different formatting for some of the fields so i’d rather not use the loop. It seems like the loop would be using the exact same code that I entered above so i’m not sure why there is a difference.

    @dax316 0.6.2 is out, with the fix for your bug in it.

    @jakobwa Just checking, are you asking if it’s possible to have common fields across all application forms? If you don’t set a category on a field, it will be displayed on the application form for all categories.

    Also, it sounds like both of you are doing some complex stuff with JM, which is cool. 🙂 Let me know what you come up with!

    It is perfect that the fields you don’t point to a specific category appears on all forms.

    I was only wondering if I could have the users fill in some basic details when they register. I checked the box – Require User Registration and Enable User Registration under User Settings in the Admin Settings.

    Some basic data that don’t have anything to do with a specific job could be filled in there – and also open applicatins. Today I solved that by creating a category and then creating a job that is called generall application.

    I will keep you updated!

    Ah, I understand. I like this idea, I was trying to think of a good way to balance pre-filling in information vs. customising applications for different jobs.

    I’ll look at adding an option to the Application Form Settings, so some of the form elements can be marked as “pre-fill”, so an applicant can fill in their bio, and have those fields automatically filled in when they apply.

    That would be a really cool feature. It’s good because then they can change some information for that particular case as well.

    Cool! Thanks for the quick update. There seem to be some additional bugs, atleast on my end, now.

    -Once i’ve added a file to a job, and I go back in to edit the job, the file disappears.

    -When i try to edit a job, I am unable to delete a field that I had already entered. For example: for a job, i listed the salary as $50,000. If i try to edit that, i cannot remove the salary field completely, as it will just revert back to $50,000. I have to leave something there even if it is just the dollar sign, otherwise it will just say $50,000. I can change it to $5 or $100 or anything else, i just cant delete it completely. The same seems to be true for all fields.


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