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  • Hello. Can someone tell me which file handles the email output for Job Manager? I’d like to take a crack at getting it to out more clearly than it currently looks.

    It starts out with one field per line, then after the 10th field, each question runs in a continuous string. Not too helpful for the end user. I can deal with plain text, but at least the output should be:

    [field_label1]: [field_data1]
    [field_label2]: [field_data2]

    Anyone else encounter this issue?

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  • I’m not aware of anyone else having this issue, but if you’d be able to track down why it’s happening on your system, I’d certainly be happy to include a fix.

    The email is created in the jobman_email_application() function, found on line 780 of frontend-application.php.

    I’ll be looking at making this less ugly in version 0.8 (early July), probably with templating, the same as as individual job displays.

    Would really like this functionality to template email responses too.
    Changing the email contents needs be a front end option.

    Thanks again for an amazing plug-in.

    I have the same question. How can I add a new field on the email subject?

    My question is: how to add some job fields to the application email? I have a job ref field (different from job id) and need to include it on the email.

    This in advance. This is truly a great plug in.

    I’m planning on doing this in the next version, I’ll add in support for job shortcodes, too.



    Just wanted to share a small modification I made to application notification emails the plugin sends out.

    Gary thanks for posting which file controls this functionality.

    My client wants notifications sent to hiring managers who do not have access to the site admin. These managers were clicking the link and getting needlessly confused by being told to log in to wordpress. So I commented out the admin link, which is the first line in the notification email:

    $msg .= __( 'Application Link', 'jobman' ) . ': ' . admin_url( 'admin.php?page=jobman-list-applications&appid=' . $app->ID ) . PHP_EOL;

    That happens somewhere around line 910.

    I also did a few str_replace operations to the final $msg var, since some of the form fields were inappropriate for the emails. I did this right before the mail is sent. (before this bit: wp_mail( $to, $subject, $msg, $header );

    Hope to see templated emails soon!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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