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  • I’m having a problem which I see in other forum threads, but have not seen nor found a solution.

    Our test “applications” are not being accepted nor saved. When submitting an application we get the following error message.

    “Thank you for your application. While your application doesn’t fit our current requirements, please contact us directly to see if we have other positions available.”

    We’ve completed the application properly. The mandatory field messages are working properly. Once we fill out all of the mandatory fields and submit, we get the message above rather than the message from our “Application Acceptance” text.

    This closed thread addresses the same issue.
    The resolution one user seems to have found is to not make any of the fields “mandatory”. This is not an acceptable solution for this particular project.

    Any suggestions as to how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Any update on that?


    I never received any support from the author and don’t expect to. I’ve read many threads with no author response in recent months. So, if you can get it to function for you as it is, it’s a pretty nifty plugin. If not, you might want to look else where.

    However, I did get this plugin to work and am happy with its functionality now. I did see in another thread that if you empty out the boxes on the right for each field in the application, then it works. I had my popup messages in there for the required fields such as “Oops, you forgot to give us your email address”. I took those out. The software still (somewhat) handles error messages for the required fields. It gave me a popup and lists all of the required (and not filled out) messages except my first, which happened to be a first name. Try this and then do some testing.

    Good luck!

    Thanks for pointing this out. You are right if you add something to the messages it doesn’t work.
    I got help from the developer changing the URL after registering in order to get the apply form as a “generic” one after 2 months.

    Im OK on the applicant side but do not get emails notifying me that someone has applied – any ideas why

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