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  • clavans


    When clicking on a drop down menu, the slider (JJ NextGen JQuery Slider) sometimes wipes out the lower part of the drop down menu when a new image appears in the slider, see:

    I have also added the following code in the theme Weaver advanced option in the head section between the <style> tags with no success:

    .nivo-slice {z-index: 1;}
    .nivo-caption {z-index: 2;}

    I use most new version of WordPress, Weaver Theme and JJ NextGen JQuery Slider.

    Using the standard NextGen slider also gives the same problem.

    At another test domain using the standard Twenty Eleven theme and the NextGen slider,

    the bottom of sub menu is hidden all the time by the slider. Using the more fancy “JJ NextGen JQuery Slider” helps some, but the menu is sometimes hidden also here when a new picture appears in the slider.

    Is there a smart way of telling the slider that the menu should always be on top?

    Any ideas?

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  • shanafourde


    I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?



    I didn’t have this problem with the Twenty Ten theme, but I am having it with the Twenty Eleven theme. The CSS looks basically the same for both. I’m not sure what is causing the problem.



    No solution yet. I also think it was OK with Twenty Ten.

    Anyone else who knows another slider plugin that does not have this problem?

    I have the same problem and I canĀ“t get a solution. Is there anybody that can solve it?Why does this support exists if nobody helps????
    Awaiting for help…

    I upgraded to WordPress 3.3 today and the problem is still there.

    The JJ NextGen JQuery Slider plugin uses random transition effect as default unless the shortcode effect=”setting” is used. Setting can be:

    – sliceDown
    – sliceDownLeft
    – sliceUp
    – sliceUpLeft
    – sliceUpDown
    – sliceUpDownLeft
    – fold
    – fade
    – random
    – slideInRight
    – slideInLeft
    – boxRandom
    – boxRain
    – boxRainReverse
    – boxRainGrow
    – boxRainGrowReverse

    It looks like it is only the 5 last “box” settings that cause the problem (and random). To avoid the problem some fixed transition effect can be used, for instance:
    [jj-ngg-jquery-slider gallery="1" effect="sliceDown"]

    Anybody ever discover a fix for this? Usually you can change a z-index somewhere, but no fix seems to work for me. I tried all of the effects and still have the problem.

    It stopped being an problem for me. I think one of the updates fixed the issue for me.

    I’m using the simpleX theme, can’t figure a way to make it happy. I did add `.nivo_slider {
    So that at least the slideshow isn’t covering the menu any more. But I’ve lost the cool nivo slide options.

    Has anyone found a fix for this?

    I am having the problem in IE 8, depending on compatibility settings, but not Firefox.

    Sam Lowry,

    I already have

    position: absolute;
    z-index: 99999;

    in #access in my styles.css.

    I am using a child theme based on twentyten which did not originally write. My problem only exists in the compatibility mode of Ie, and I have gotten any complaints from people at work. I’m starting to wonder if I really need to worry about it.

    Still, thanks for the info. I’ll make the deletion in my stylesheet and add the line to the header, and try it in my stylesheet and see what happens.


    When I changed position:absolute to position:relative, my menus stopped working correctly. The menus no longer covered slideshow, but they did change size.

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