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  • Got this set so the display shows 4 images, and the carousel scrolls by 4 images at a time.

    When the ‘wrap’ is set to ‘both’ it works OK but looks a bit weird as the whole thing rewinds.

    When ‘wrap’ is set to ‘circular’ it repeats the first image last, and then instead of shuffling 4 images at a time it only shuffles 1 image (although it looks like it’s shuffling 4 as they zip on by, but only stops on the last image) leaving a big blank space where the other 3 images should be.

    Any ideas? This is a fantaastic plug-in and love that it works with nextgen, but this behaviour is a bit odd. If it helps, I’ll definately be donating if it makes the final cut.

    Thanks in advance

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  • I have a similar problem as well. I have four images rotating through, one at a time. I am not sure what the cause of the problem is. It seems to rotate fine for quite some time.

    When I leave the webpage open for some time and then go back to it, I see blank spaces and when I click on the “next” and “previous” arrows, I get images just zipping by, with a lot of whitespace as well.

    The following is the shortcode that I am using:

    [jj-ngg-jquery-carousel html_id="jcarousel" skin_class="jcarousel-skin-myskin" gallery="1" width="500" height="120" visible="1" scroll="1" animation="slow" auto="5" order="sortorder"]

    It seems to default wrap to circular, even though the documentation at says that the default wrap is “null”.

    Has anybody encountered this as well? Thanks for any help/suggestions you can provide.

    Did anybody find a fix for this? I have the same problem as new_B: when I leave it alone, it starts zipping crazily with blank spaces.

    Paul de Wouters


    Human Made

    same issue here, need a fix!

    Hey what’s up with this? I am having the same issue. Can we get some help over here?

    Hey Guys, I might have a fix for you. I got mine to work. I was using the size parameter and thought it was supposed to be the size of the entire jcarousel box so I have size=”892″. What that did was make 892 picture boxes!!!! Taking that out, my wrap started to work.

    new_B: the width you have is pretty wide, make sure that is for the thumbnail image size of the image you’re using. Not the width of the whole container, etc. That might help?

    Paul de Wouters


    Human Made

    I’m using the following code to display the carousel:
    echo do_shortcode('[jj-ngg-jquery-carousel html_id="about-jcarousel" gallery="6" visible="4" scroll="1" animation="slow" auto="3" skin_class="jcarousel-skin-krf" height="150" width="150" gap="15" wrap="circular"]');

    Weird…. here is mine that is working:

    echo do_shortcode(‘[jj-ngg-jquery-carousel html_id=”home-slider” gallery=”1″ width=”204″ height=”149″ visible=”4″ scroll=”4″ auto=”0″ skin_class=”jcarousel-skin-united” gap=”18″ wrap=”circular” order=”sortorder”]’)

    maybe try taking off the animation=”slow”. That didn’t even change anything in mine.
    You have the latest updated plugin?

    Hi Buddy, the width is the image size width that we are using; however, that does not help. Thanks.

    For me, this occurs when there are two carousels loaded on the page simultaneously. I’m trying to implement two horizontal strips for separate galleries. When I disable one, the other one always works fine. When I enable both, the first one always bugs out.

    If you take a look at the developer tools, this creates two divs with id=”about-jcarousel_container” and two unordered lists with id=”about-jcarousel”. This has got to be a bad idea…
    The unordered list is the element which changes position when prev or next button is clicked. So I’m just guessing, the root of the problem for people trying to use multiple filmstrips might be the use of two elements, with the same id, trying shift their x-positions.

    These are my suspects at this point.
    Alas…I’m not confident enough in my code-ability; I too am stuck here. :/

    ——10 minutes later…
    oh wait! sorry, i better bop myself on the head for this.
    I was actually using the same id ‘about-jcarousel’ for both galleries in the shortcodes. haha I was thinking too much of this. oh dear, long day…

    I am getting the same problem. For the first 1-2 revolution or so through the images, it’s fine. Then, instead of showing 4 images, it shows only 3 images and a white space where the 4th should be. A couple more revolutions through the images and it only shows 2 images, with white where the 3rd and 4th should be. It goes like so until all that shows is white space.

    I’ve tried and removed other parameters, such as size, to see if that would have an affect, and I’m using the latest plugin version. The only difference is when I remove the gap. If I remove that, it works fine. If I add that, I get the white space issue.

    This is the shortcode I’m trying to use:
    [jj-ngg-jquery-carousel html_id="about-jcarousel" gallery="6" width="140" height="140" visible="4" scroll="3" auto="4" wrap="circular" order="random" gap="10"]

    Instead, I’ll either have the images looking somewhat crowded, or I’ll have to resize all the images to create white space around them as a substitute for the gap.

    Any advice or help about fixing this gap issue would be appreciated! 🙂


    I just fix white space problem. Try to find

    .jcarousel-my-skin .jcarousel-item-placeholder {
        background: #fff;
        color: #000;

    in your css and add “display:none;”.

    It’s work for me 🙂

    Hello everyone, I really worked very well the answers, but I have a question how I can show the prev and next buttons? laguien can help me please.

    My site is: the problem is in the bottom of the site.

    Thank you for your help.

    Similar problem regarding circular default.

    I just deactivated the circular by setting the options in shortcode to: wrap=”none”

    Usability wise I think it is better not to cycle or rewind automatically.

    Hi all does anyone know how I can make the rollover as seen in this example?

    I just approached the effect when the mouse pointer, please help

    It seems to be an issue with how the javacript handles the “image gap” variable, though I haven’t looked at it in detail. When you change it to 0, it works fine, though you may have to widen your images manually show a gap.

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