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    This part is driving me nuts Downloaded latest version (beta) used compatible theme Fanwood uploaded images set attributes as per your site first one worked fine. Tried second product nothing searched web found someone saying missing echo on line 405 fixed. Was then able to do 4 more. Went to bed as was very late but happy had resolved problem so I thought.
    Started again today WTF same probs coming up. Have now spent many hours trying to find solution and have given up.Disabled all plugins except for yours even tried demo shop nothing. website catalogue links to first five all work ok as of yesterday. This link to this product shows what happened Today

    Am really annoyed with this at the moment Time for me like you is MONEY !

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  • Writing to say fixed problem 🙂 It was totally my fault for not reading and following the instructions a good number of times. Thank’s to Jigoshop for all your help and support 🙂 I have upgraded my rating for this product to 5 stars. SORRY 🙁

    Hey Stephen – could you share with us how did you solve it?

    I’m having the same issue – using Skeleton theme and Jogoshop and … Attributes are not showing:

    That text: Dodatkowe info is out of nowhere…

    Help appreciated.

    Hi Alexandruv,

    Bit complicated but this is what you need to do.

    1.Go to products create new product
    2.upload image set it as featured image save.
    3.scroll down to general on product type dropdown box select variable.
    4.go to attributes select attribute example (size)
    5.add attribute box will dropdown select the ls option untick the display on product page option.
    7.Go back to product data select variations select add variation box will drop down add image and price.
    8.Update again and it is done.

    You have to do this for every product it is not a global setting.

    That is where I went wrong. Hope this helps 🙂

    Need any more help let me know 🙂

    Hello Stephen – thanks for your feedback.
    I’m either dumb or something’s not working right here.

    Would you be able to login and set an example for me?
    It’s not on production so have no fear about deleting/adding stuff.

    Help appreciated!

    Hi Alex yes no problem. Is it standard login ?

    Ok just tried to login no joy. Can you set it at admin for login and pass for user and let me know then will have a look at it see where you are going wrong 🙂

    Other thing I can help you with is translations to english 🙂

    Hi Stephen – sorry I did not post the login credentials.

    It turns out that the Attributes are ok but what I wanted actually is to fill in the Additional information tab or to create more such tabs.

    Any idea how to fil in the Additional Information tabs?


    Are you referring to the information at the bottom where you have the image ??

    Think best thing is send me a login and I can set you up a demo to follow.

    Hey Stephen,
    You can login with [ redacted ]

    So basically I need to display under the image where the Product description is (called Opis productu in my case) the other tag called Aditional Information.

    Thanks a lot Stephen!

    Hi Alex,

    Done a bit with a toaster and the tv have set myself an admin password for now check users and you will have my personal email addy 🙂 Don’t want to put it up here. You can now change the alex/alex password to something else and I will use my login till we get it sorted. Just Let me know what you need doing. It is late now so a bit tired I will have another look at it tomorrow for you.

    Check email then 🙂

    Thank you,

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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