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  • After updating to new Jetpack today, it seems the Youtube embed width no longer works with the width I set in the MEDIA SETTINGs page…

    It stretches the layout now. Anybody run into this problem as well?

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  • Had to downgrade to previous version to fix it. Let me know if anyone has same issues.

    I’ve done the same as jayo, and downgraded to previous version to fix this problem with video width.

    Same issue here. After upgrading to Jetpack 1.2.3, all of my YouTube embeds are 640 pixels wide and hanging over the right edge of posts. Settings / Media / Max embed size was always set to 580 wide to match my post content width, and still is (even refreshed the settings to be sure).

    I was able to work around this by changing $default_width from 640 to 580 in jetpack/modules/shortcodes/youtube.php until an actual fix is in.

    Thanks for posts guys. Glad it’s just not me, lol. Hopefully it’s fixed with another update.

    Same issue in 1.2.4 – had to revert back to 1.2.2 again. Might give kernelg’s workaround a go, if I can find where to make the change.

    kernelg’s workaround looks like it’s working, thank you.

    I changed $default_width from 640 to 500 in jetpack/modules/shortcodes/youtube.php – line 184

    Jetpack 1.3 has not addressed this issue, unfortunately. But the workaround still works. Around. 🙂

    Yes, I was glad to be able to use your work around still; had hoped that the issue would’ve been addressed in this release.

    I’m not having a size issue as 640 is ok for our theme, but the latest update has broken the auto embed, now I have to use a shortcode in order to get youtube to embed.

    Jetpack 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3 and 1.3.4 have not addressed this sizing bug, even though Chris F at Automattic successfully reproduced it on April 10. They must have a long to-do list. His advice was to turn Jetpack YouTube embeds off (and presumably use a different plugin for them).

    The workaround above, however, still works.

    Thankfully, as kernelg says, the workaround does still work. Although it was frustrating yesterday having to apply it so many times – just as well it only takes a minute. It would be great to see this bug fixed in the next update … please.

    Still having the same issues with the latest Jetpack update T_T

    I upgraded Jetpack today to new version and looks like my layout is screwd out completely. Should I go and downgrade Jetpack abck to the prevoius version? And do not see how to do that. WIll appreciate any advise.. Thanks

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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