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  • I’m using Jetpack 2.0 on WordPress 3.4.2 and the Carousel is behaving badly.
    If you look at this page you will see the gallery. Clicking any image opens the full-screen carousel. Navigating between images works properly. Closing the carousel works properly.

    What does NOT work properly is the browser’s “back” button.

    After browsing several images using the Carousel, then closing it and trying to use the browser’s back button, you will see the URL change to show each anchor visited in the carousel. For instance, if I view three images in the carousel, then close it and hit the back button, I have to hit it five times before I actually go BACK to the actual page I came from:

    I’ve seen the same behavior on other sites running the carousel, such as

    This seems like a bug, to me.

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  • Agreed. Maybe not a bug, but certainly a problem for user experience. I just watched my mum enjoy a gallery of about 30 images and then click the back button 31 times to return to the main gallery page!! It didn’t occur to her that she could use the main menu to get there, but then she’s used to the back button working as expected.

    Any fixes?

    Just a thought, if Konstantin is there…

    Is it possible to disable the carousel permalinks? And if so, would that restore the back button functionality? I’d be happy to try to dig into the code if you could point me in the right direction.

    I’m having the same issue.
    See the page below for example.

    I’ve searched the web, but was able to find only a few posts pointing out this bug, and none of them has been answered by the author.
    It is so frustrating because the feature itself is really fantastic, but this tiny bug makes it completely unusable, for me at least.
    I’m using Jetpack 2.3.1 on WordPress 3.5.2, if it helps.

    I really hope there would be a fix.

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