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  • Same error here….

    Any fix?

    I haven’t found anything helpful yet. 🙁



    Same thing happening with my site. Anyone have any luck finding a fix? This seems to be the only place anyone has mentioned it.

    Experiencing the same error myself – the comment feature is a major Jetpack advantage over other gallery plugins (such as Colorbox, which is more customizable and better looking.)

    Hopefully this will be fixed in newer versions.

    Thanks for the plugin and have a great day. 🙂

    Just an update:

    Recently moved from HostGator to a VPS and somehow that made the error go away for me. No idea what actually changed so that it worked, though.

    First of all, thanks Syed for extracting this cool gallery carousel out of the Jetpack module and uploading it as a separate plugin.

    I am also facing the same problem. Image commenting does not work and gives the error – “Sorry, but there was an error posting your comment. Please try again later.”

    Syed, could you please look into this as many of us are facing the same problem. Thanks!

    I have fixed this issue on my website. When I looked closely be debugging, I got the error – “call to undefined function switch_to_blog()”

    That function is being called on line 305 in jetpack-carousel.php

    I have only one blog so I don’t need blog switching, and hence commented the entire if block. That fixed the issue for me.

    I’m having the same issue with WordPress 3.4.2 and Jetpack 1.7 on Hostgator shared hosting.

    New photos 9/23/12 can you tell us what you did to fix the issue?

    Did you simply delete the line or correct it.

    I’m seriously considering moving my photos from Flickr to my personal sites but I’d like to get this fixed first for sure.

    I noticed tonight that when I activated the carousel portion of Jetpack on another site hosted on the same domain (with Hostgator) I received the same error.
    I tried deactivating the comment feature of Jetpack and it didn’t fix anything.
    I also tried disabling every other plugin on the sites and that didn’t change anything. 🙁

    Hi jdblundell,

    Comment the entire if block at line 305 in file jetpack-carousel.php like this, and see if that fixes the error for you.

    // Used in context like NewDash
    $switched = false;
    /* commented because this code is giving fatal error
    if ( $_blog_id != get_current_blog_id() ) {
    switch_to_blog( $_blog_id );
    $switched = true;

    See how I have commented the entire if block in that file. I only have one blog so I don’t need blog switching. $switched is set to false, so this worked for me.


    Thanks! Those were lines 299-304 for me and 305 was blank so I wasn’t sure what you commented out.

    That seems to have worked. I actually have multiple blogs and multiple blogs linked to my account thanks to JetPack so not entirely sure what the feature does – but obviously killing it works.

    Thanks again!


    I am glad it worked for you. Happy to help!

    The blog switching is required for a multisite network of blogs.

    If you have not enabled multisite, I think you don’t need blog switching. So we can safely comment those lines.

    The solution you offered Works like a charm.
    That’s a major improvement.

    gonna do the happy dance now.
    Cheers and many thanks 🙂

    Volitions fix worked great – but as often as Jetpack gets updated – that’s gonna be a pain to edit every time. Hopefully someone from Automatic is monitoring this thread and fixes it.

    hi there i’ve tried Volition.Design fixing way still no luck same error
    Sorry, but there was an error posting your comment. Please try again later.

    really annoying

    is anyone know another way to fix ?

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