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  • In my theme, I want to display the authors avatar on the top left of the post. That works. However, when having the Jetpack plugin enabled, and the gravatar hovercards, then my code is broken.
    In defiance of the -admittedly short- description Jetpack gives at the gravatar hovercards functionalitiy, the hovercards do not only show in the comment section, but on my placed gravatar as well.
    I can trace this back to the gprofiles.js, Jetpack loads from It changes the styles, and adds links to the gravatar. Not to mention, it seems to change the size of the avatar as well.
    As a theme designer, I have no control over the plugins the end users will install, use and how they configure them.
    Is there any way to bypass this rewriting the gprofiles.js does, or should I just live with it, and note in my release notes, that if the end user wants to use my gravatar functionality, they should disable the Jetpack gravatar functionality? (To be honest, I think the last solution is not to be preferred, not only does it force me to write a gravatar function in my comments.php, it also is not elegant to advise users not to use something, because it clashes with my code).

    You can see the way I intended it on: (mind, it has the WordPress testdata, so click on the second post, ‘Hallo Wereld’.)
    You can the way Jetpack interferes on:

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