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  • Resolved Andrea Duni


    After 3.4.2 upgrade I was unable to enter dashboard, so I tryed every suggestion found on site: manually upgrade WP, resetting plugins by phpadmin, and last but not least renaming plugins folder…
    but the only way was to manually remove all plugins from folder and copying one by one. So I have discovered that JETPACK only has a compatibility issue with 3.4.2. Also deleting jetpack folder and installing it by plugin menù inside dashboard, it makes dashboard blank and I have to go to eliminate the folder manually again.

    So the problem is in upgrading it…

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  • Jack Yan


    I just installed WordPress to a new domain and I get an HTTP 500 error, saying that Jetpack cannot connect to the server. Yet I have no plug-ins—it’s a fresh installation. So I think Jetpack is incompatible, too. However, all my other installations (which were upgrades from previous WordPresses) work fine.



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    If Jetpack was incompatible with WP 3.4.2. these forums would be swamped with reports of issues., Since they’re not, then it suggest that your issues are specific to your sites.

    Andrea Duni


    Dear esmi,
    now it works.

    For people with similar issue:
    -deactivate all plugins from dashboard (if you cannot access to dashboard, previously remove jetpack folder from wp-content/plugins)
    -reinstall update from “Updates” button in dashboard
    -install jetpack plugin
    -reactivate the other plugins one by one

    That’s all.



    I am frantically trying to get jetpack plugins to work for my wife’s blog and am having no luck. Specifically I want the email subscription widget to show up on the sidebar and no matter what I do (jetpack 1.8.2 or jetpack 1.7) it will not show up. I am using the latest version of WordPress 3.4.2 installed on my own web server.

    Can anyone make any suggestions as to what I should try?



    Plugin Contributor Tim Moore


    @cajundop: what is the web site? Have you cleared your browser cache and any plugin cache you may have?

    The website is . In fact I was able to solve the problem last night and it was, sadly, user/admin error. 🙁

    Sometimes being an old UNIX hack is disadvantageous. In my initial attempts to install and get Word Press up and running on my own server I unzipped the package into the root directory of its folder. Apparently, somewhere along the way another copy of the software was placed into the wordpress directory and that instance of the software under /wordpress/ was what jetpack and all of the amdin tools were getting installed into but the root instance was working enough to allow my wife and I access to manipulate the software and TRY to change the pages and things. Once I discovered this duplicite install (quite by accident in fact) I was able to change my site redirect, clean up the unneeded install, and now everything works as advertised!!!!

    So far so good. Thanks for the assist!

    Jeff H

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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