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[Resolved] [Plugin: Jetpack by WordPress.com] The "More" button doesn't open

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  • Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    Are you using W3 Total Cache by any chance? We’ve had some reports that the “minify” settings in that plugin are wreaking havoc on CSS in other plugins.

    If you are, please try turning those settings off and clearing your cache, then see if that helps.

    hey, the plugins that I use are the following:

    Follow Button for Jetpack
    Jetpack by WordPress.com
    Lazy Load
    Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

    That’s all.

    Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    I think something is interfering with the Javascript (jQuery) and/or trying to do something weird.

    I’m seeing some Javascript errors on your page which seem to indicate that either jQuery isn’t loading correctly, or something is trying to manipulate your “document” object and overwrite some important parts of it.

    I see that your site is loading jQuery from Google. Can you try disabling whatever is doing that, and allow WordPress to load it from core?

    I don’t have any clue about doing that. Tips? ;D

    Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    It’s probably either a plugin you’re running, or else it must be in your theme.

    Can you try changing your theme to Twenty Ten (or Eleven) temporarily perhaps? I think it’s going to be a conflict with something in your theme unfortunately.

    Its also worth checking you have the latest version of jQuery in use.
    My theme was calling a old version and so my more button didn’t work.
    As a older version is missing the function that the more button uses to open/close

    I really have no clue on how to do that. Please tell me more

    Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    As a test, can you try changing your theme to Twenty Ten/Eleven temporarily and see if the sharing buttons work?

    That will tell us if it’s in your theme.

    It works, my friend. What can I do next?

    Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    Unfortunately if that’s the case, then it sounds like it’s something in your theme that is conflicting. Your theme must be doing something pretty non-standard, so there’s not a lot I can do about that.

    If you can point me to somewhere I can download your theme then I can possibly have a look at it.

    Hey, i managed to find the source of my problems: it was a widget that added a FB LIKE popup. It was using an old Jquery; i updated it and now it works. So i got to keep both the widget and the “more” button.

    Thanx for all the support.


    Plugin Author Beau Lebens


    That’s great to hear Bogdan. Cheers.

    Cheers, buddy! If I ever meet you, you’ve got yourself a free beer for wanting to help me ;D

    Hey Beau, interested in earning another beer??? LOL

    I am having the identical problem as Bogdan with my jetpack social share… the more button just adds a # to the end of the page url and when clicked it takes me to the top of the page instead of opening the more window… would someone be able to give me some pointers on how to see if I have the latest version of jQuery and how to update if required?

    This is a clients site and they love their theme so I can’t change it but would love to get this issue fixed…

    MY site is at http://playadelsolresort.com

    I appreciate any and all help


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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